Monday, February 20, 2017

Training Update: February 2017

Things are starting to click again in training. At least that's what I like to tell myself.  I'm getting most of my workouts done and I'm finding ways to fit things into my new schedule of being a dog mom. The past few weeks I have missed a lot of swimming due to a significant run-in with a food processor blade (*ouch*), but I finally got back in the pool yesterday.  After a few days of contemplation earlier in the month, I've also come up with a new plan and new goals for the season which have me much more excited about training and racing than I had been with the original plan.  A separate post on those is due to hit the blog as well as an update on some exciting developments.  But for now, training:

Swim:  As mentioned, I spent a few weeks out of the pool.  Cutting my finger so significantly was unfortunate timing, since I had finally gotten back in the pool after a very long break.  But I swam yesterday, and hopefully will make it a more consistent habit now that my finger has healed.

Strength work at OTC Wednesday nights!

Bike:  Our Wednesday night HPS group has had some fun rides lately with lots of "sweet spot" time as well as a longer ride last week.  We have a great group this year, and it is motivating to coach and train with them.  At home, I've made the Saturday trainer ride a consistent habit.  Lately it has been my excuse to watch lots of Netflix, and I'm loving the Archie comics inspired "Riverdale" for my rides.  If you haven't checked it out, and especially if you read Archie as a kid, you should give it a watch!  The new episodes come out on Fridays, so it is perfect timing for my Saturday rides (though I usually need to watch something else since each episode is only about 40 minutes).  This past week, a new kit from Coeur Sports added some stylish motivation to get on the bike!

Run:  While I've struggled to get in all of my runs, mostly due to some personal stuff going on the past few weeks, I'm enjoying running again.  It has also been fun to get out on snowshoes for a few runs recently (including a particularly slushy, warm, sunny run yesterday on the SJAM Winter Trail).  I also made it to my first outing with Run-to-beer-Ottawa, a fun group that starts and ends its runs at local breweries in celebration of community, running, and delicious craft beer.  We had a great time, and I met some "internet friends" for the first time - Ashley (the leader of the beer and running /  yoga movement in Ottawa) and Katrina.  We also ran on probably the worst weather day of the winter, but the blustery, blizzard type conditions didn't stop us!

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  1. I had fun reading your experience at the mec racing series. Race has always been great fun and exciting. Looking forward to more of your experiences