Friday, January 6, 2017

Another 2016 Review: Goals

I'm not sure where my motivation is these days, but I'm really working hard to find it!  I realized that I even took a lazy route in my 2016 recap by ignoring the fact that I had set some goals and intentions for myself.  So as I struggle to define my goals and intentions for 2017, perhaps a look back will help me figure out what is next!

Here were my 2016 goals: 

Goal: Qualify for Age Group World Championships (Olympic Distance)

My goals were pretty detailed, listing out the "why" and the "how," along with how I would measure the achievement of the goal and by when. I'll give you the short version. I did qualify for Age Group World Championships in the Olympic distance. I had a horrible day out on the course, which was turned into a sort of duathlon and meant I lost my strongest leg, the swim. I ended up in the medical tent too, which isn't really how you want to end your race. But I did it! I was happy with my bike split and I am excited to be on Team Canada for another Worlds! Rotterdam, here we come! (See my race report here).

Goal: Qualify for 70.3 Worlds (2017) at Timberman

The field at Timberman was supa-dupa fast for my AG and I knew it would be, so no I did not qualify for Worlds. (I'm trying to remember not to set goals that rely on other people's performances for 2017!!)  But I had a fantastic day at Timberman. It was so much fun! I executed my race plan from start to finish, and my mom was there to cheer me on all day long! I will be doing another 70.3 (or more) this season, with my next one at Victoria in June! PS crushed my swim and bike goals at Timberman! (See my race report here).

Goal: Learn new skills!!

I liked the "why" behind this one:
  • Diversifying my athletic tool kit will allow me to have more fun with friends and be a more well-rounded athlete! 
  • Learning new things helps to push me outside of my comfort zone 
  • Learning new things requires me to practice patience and to believe in myself 

And I also achieved my goals, both in spirit and in measurement. I really pushed out of my comfort zone and had to be very patient with myself by learning to skate ski, which was a very foreign activity for me. And by the end of last ski season, I was really starting to get it, which made it a lot of fun. Snowshoe running was also a source of joy, and I'm excited to get back out on the trails, and maybe even race again this winter.

As always, the #1 goal was to have FUN! And that was definitely achieved!!

A big thank you to some of the best ladies on the planet too for allowing me to be part of their amazing team - Coeur Sports - in 2016. My 2016 was definitely more fun, stylish, and fulfilling because of this team and company! And they have me very excited about the new year and season as well.

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