Thursday, December 15, 2016

George and the Off Season

For the past few years, I've definitely taken an extended off season after my races wrapped up for the summer and this year has been no different.  However, the motivation to take an off season has been very different this year.  This year, I have a puppy, who has taken up all of my free time and put training in the almost non-existent zone.  And you know, I have been okay with it.  Our bodies process all stress in the same way, and we have to be careful not to overload ourselves with work, family, relationship, training, life stress.

Lately, my stress has been coming in full steam from work, relationship, and oh yea, being a new puppy mom!  So it's meant that I just can't handle stress in the form of training.  Of course, I do find that I handle other stress better when I have the endorphin hit of a workout, but lately that hit comes from my daily walks with George.  I'm still learning how to balance this new responsibility with the rest of my life.  It is a work in progress, but George is growing up (he is now 5 months!) and getting a lot easier to manage.  He is such a sweet, well behaved dog and he makes life a little bit more fun. He loves to play and run (which will make him an awesome running buddy a few months from now).  I love this sweet pup!


  1. George is adorable! Any puppy tips?! We get our little girl after Christmas, and I'm SO excited! :)

  2. George is so cute.

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