Friday, August 12, 2016

Training Update: One week to Timberman!

With Timberman now just over a week away, it's definitely time for an update on my training.  Since Nationals, I've really put my nose to the grindstone and have felt pretty good about my focus and my progress (even in the middle of moving houses!).  Over the last two weeks, I've gotten in a few key sessions that have built some confidence going into the race.  That said, I'm still just focused on finishing the race with much lowered expectations after a pretty mediocre summer of training.  I do have quite a bit of extra motivation though lately thanks to the athletes crushing it in Rio at the Olympics!!

Swimming:  I've finally brought some consistency to my swim training, getting in two to three swims per week over the past few weeks. It's starting to slowly come back and I'm hoping for at least a decent swim at Timberman. The open water swim last Friday morning was definitely a highlight! I also had a great practice two weeks ago where I crushed 20x100s (1 each on descending intervals 1:40, 1:35, 1:30, 1:25, five times through).

Biking:  The bike has felt really good too.  I have had two good long rides since Nationals.  One solo and one with Jenn (on a hilly and windy route).  Both left me feeling strong and more confident that I can handle 90k in a race.  On both rides I practiced my nutrition and hydration strategy as well, and I think I found something that will work for me (sorry for not letting us stop for coffee in Wakefield, Jenn!).

Running:  And I brought my distance up to one last long run at 18k earlier this week.  My running needs a lot of work in the off season, because I feel like I've totally lost my running form and fitness this summer, but I should be able to get through Timberman.  It won't be fast or pretty, but I think I can get it done!

So there you have it, it's mostly taper time with one more big ride on the weekend, and lots of rest / foam rolling / focusing on nutrition.

Oh yea, thanks to the Ottawa Triathlon Club, I got to go to see the Ottawa RedBlacks play last weekend! Gorgeous night for a win!

What events do you have left this season?  How is your training going?

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  1. Yes!!! Sounds like you have found some focus and gotten in some good training!!! I'm so excited for you to race Timberman and your first half!!! Good luck next weekend!! Have so much fun!!!
    Loving the Olympics!!! I'm staying up too late though!! :(