Friday, June 10, 2016

Training and Life Update: End of May / Early June

Things have gotten away from me again on the blogging front.  It's partly to blame for a few busy weeks and partly just a lack of training.  Due to the concussion, I missed a bit of training given that I was barely sleeping.  For about two weeks, it felt like I was trying to just keep my eyes shut all night, hoping that it would mean I would fall asleep eventually.  I took Melatonin and that worked a few times, but then it also didn't work a lot of the time.  So for two weeks, I felt like a zombie and training isn't exactly beneficial when you are already exhausted all the time.


Swimming fell off the deep end in May. With the lack of sleep, I certainly wasn't waking up to go swim.  Most mornings I was finally falling asleep around 5 am, so I couldn't imagine getting up to go to the pool at 5:30.  We did get our first swim in at Meech Lake though last weekend and it was just as magical as I remember it being.  The lake was surprisingly warm and so busy! All the triathletes in Ottawa must have had the same idea.  Looking forward to many more open water swims this summer!

Sweet new Ottawa Triathlon Club jersey!


The bike has definitely been the most consistent part of my training and it seems to be starting to pay off... either that or my new Argon 18 E-117 Tri+ is even more badass than I thought.  The bike has a new nickname - Pistol Annie - and it has been a lot of fun to ride.  It makes me feel so fast!  Our HPS group has enjoyed a lot of fun and challenging rides together at the parkway or in Gatineau Park over the past few weeks.  And I've done a few long rides with friends.

Me and Pistol Annie - Stylish Speed thanks to Argon18 and Coeur Sports!


I stopped stressing out about the run after the Early Bird Tri.  It is what it is, and I was pretty happy with my run during that race given that I hadn't even done any speed work since the fall.  Last Sunday though, I did a very challenging "track style" workout on a treadmill (why!?) because it was pouring rain and I felt like I had to do it.  Beyond bringing some speed back, I also need to really focus on getting my long runs done, but hopefully things will start to come back together soon.

Brick with the HPS crew along the Ottawa River! 


  1. Hope your'e feeling better post concussion! They're no joke. Glad to hear you're loving your bike! One ride on mine outside so far, but loving it (though it needs some dialing in)!

  2. Great to see that you are in good health and actively cycling to get the health maintained at the level. Get some time for swimming also as it is necessary in the case.