Monday, April 11, 2016

Aging Up!

Birthdays can be funny, especially milestone birthdays like turning 30.  To some, they are a drag, but personally, I love the thought of a new year and a new chance to grow and experience life.  We have to embrace the process of aging and the new challenges that it brings to us.  I'm pretty excited about the potential for growth in the coming year!

As I turn 30, I would like to take a chance to reflect on what that means for my triathlon season.  It means that I get to join a new age group!! From what I have heard and seen, the 30-34 year old women are a tough bunch, and wow, they are fast.  Some of the fastest women I know are in this age group (or even older AGs), so I'm excited for some great competition. I'd also like to believe that my best years as an endurance athlete are ahead of me!


  1. Welcome to 30! Best decade yet :) Big things ahead for you… happiest birthday, Kelsey!

  2. 30!!! Woo hoo!!! Yes, welcome to the tough, bad ass age group! :) I am racing in my last year as a 30-34 age grouper and boy are these women tough! But hey, they only have you to worry about because you are a fierce competitor! It's amazing how my 30s have been the strongest years of my life... and it just keeps getting better. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!!!