Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Team Coeur 2016

Just a quick hello, because my team kit arrived late last week! I'm so excited to be representing Coeur Sports again for the 2016 triathlon season.  Coeur Sports is a women's triathlon apparel company based in California. It was founded by two women who are passionate about endurance sports, and particularly passionate about getting more women swim-bike-running. Kebby and Hailey are truly inspirational.

There are two reasons why I applied to be part of Team Coeur again for 2016:

1) I truly LOVE the Coeur Sports products.  The tri shorts are heavenly.  There is a good reason the slogan for the shorts is, "no angry kitty," if you catch my drift.  The materials used to make the garments are so soft and so functional. I loved racing in my team kit last year, because it was so comfortable. I recently received the Lakota tights in the mail and they are also a dream. The t-shirts are cute and as soft as your favorite, washed-a-million-times tee. (Waiting on this I Love Bikes tee!!)  Plus, you can't beat the customer service from the gals at Coeur... handwritten notes in your package, amazing return policies, free shipping if you live in the U.S. They even offered to send me two sizes when I was unsure about what size to order. I wouldn't represent something that I didn't love!!

2) The women on Team Coeur are AMAZING. These ladies are so inspiring, so helpful, so supportive. They truly embody the motto of Heart & Courage! Plus, they make our team feel like a family.  I'm so proud to be associated with these ladies.

We also have a raft of awesome sponsors for 2016: Roka, Argon18, Enve Composites, Osmo Nutrition, Bonk Breaker, Barnana, and Smith Optics!


  1. love the photo and I imagine it was very cold the day you took this shot. It is so cute and you of course are adorable. Best wishes in your season ahead.

  2. Glad to be teammates again in 2016, Kelsey! Cheers to an amazing year!

  3. Cute picture!!! I love the I l love bikes tee....its super cute!!!

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  6. I thought that by checking my bike out the day before the ride I would be prepared enough. But no! I didn't have a spare tube.