Monday, February 1, 2016

Checking in on 30 Before 30!

I thought I would check-in on my 30 Before 30 list to let you know how things are going!  It's also a good time for me to think about what else I would like to accomplish before my 30th birthday (in April).  The items with descriptions beside them are the ones that I've "checked off the list."

30 Before 30

1) Say "yes" more often - This one seems to be going well! I've said "yes" to a new book club, to a new job, to going on a first date with a handsome man, to a trip to Cartagena, to a spontaneous trip to Tremblant, to rock climbing with my family, to trying Crossfit again, to coaching triathlon, to a new coach, to a lot of awesome things!

2) Compete in a snowshoe running race

3) Paint a picture

4) Do a 30-day yoga challenge - I did about 2 weeks of yoga, before realizing that life is way too busy to make yoga-everyday work. It was a nice attempt though and I do love yoga.

5) Play on an intramural team

6) Swim sub-1:10 for a 100m freestyle

7) Break 20 minutes in a 5k

8) Learn to skate ski - Wooo! I'm getting there! Thanks to Mike's patience and encouragement, I am definitely on my way to being a skate skier, and possibly even a good skate skier!

9) Learn how to knit or crochet

10) Read 6 books (1 per month) - I've read one book so far, and started 2 others. Thankfully, I've joined a new book club. So I'll get at least 2 more finished before my 30th birthday.  I highly recommend the book we've read so far, "A House in the Sky."

11) Take an online course

12) Learn some Italian or Spanish for my birthday trip - I've downloaded Duolingo (step 1) to start working on some Spanish for my trip to Colombia in April.

13) Make a soufflé

14) Build / make / refinish a piece of furniture

15) Learn how to drive stick - So far, Mike has taught me how to shift gears. We may need to wait until the snow melts to finish the lessons!

16) Take a spontaneous road trip

17) Visit somewhere new

18) Go camping

Skiing along the river in Mont Tremblant
19) Ski at Tremblant  - I cross-country skied at Mont Tremblant! Tremblant is beautiful in the winter and so much fun.  I mostly had the trails to myself since it was also a gorgeous day for downhill skiing.

20) Be at tourist in Ottawa - Since posting this list, I've been to the Nature Museum to see the bugs exhibit, National Art Gallery for a Monet exhibit, and the War Museum! I've also skated on the canal, another quintessential touristy activity in Ottawa.  I've also tried a few new restaurants / cafes.  And I've explored new trails in Gatineau Park.

21) Plan an epic solo trip

22) Find a cause to lend my time to

23) Volunteer at a soup kitchen

24) Manage my finances and save some money - I've been working on a new budget and trying to save more money (to be fair most of it is going to my new bike, but hopefully the savings plan sticks!).

25) Totally unplug for an entire weekend

26) Help rescue a puppy

27) Send letters and postcards to my friends and family - I sent a few Christmas cards (and accidentally left a few in the glove compartment of my sister's truck).

28) Call my sister and grandma once a week

29) Fall in love with myself - A work in progress.

30) Practice gratitude - Another work in progress. I'm certainly thankful for the countless wonderful things in my life.

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  1. Fun list!! Looks like you are making your way through it!! Where do you want to take an epic trip too??