Friday, October 2, 2015

Rest and the Off Season

It's been two weeks since Worlds.  I have gone on two runs and I have worked out approximately two other times in those two weeks.  I have set my alarm to go to swimming twice, only to turn the alarm off after laying awake for hours unable to fall asleep.  I guess I'm just not ready to get back into training.  It is strange how that happened without me even realizing it.

Before I left for Worlds, I knew I was ready for a break.  Then, I came home to Ottawa and I felt so unsatisfied that I felt like I was ready to just keep training.  But, subconsciously I obviously was still ready for rest.  So that is what I have been doing... resting, sleeping in, and not working out. 

All the top athletes take a break.  They spend weeks, sometimes many weeks, doing no swim, bike, running at all. It is good for both mental and physical health to take a break, to reconnect with friends and family, and to reconnect with activities outside of triathlon. 

That said, this break won't last for long.  I think I'm nearing the point where I'm ready to get back out there.  And, I'm ready to make some plans, at least for the fall (still totally unsure about next season!).

Here is the off season plan:

1) Run - It took me so long to get back to feeling good while running that I'm afraid to take a real break from running.  These two weeks have been good, but I don't want to lose the momentum I worked hard to gain back after my stress fracture.  Specifically, I've just signed up for my first cross country race.  And Gilly has been hitting the trails lately, so I'm going to try to start joining her.

2) Bike - Before it gets too cold and snowy, I'm taking the bike out as much as possible.  The fall colours are a great incentive to get out to the park.

3) Swim - I am signed up for another year at ROCS and I will get back in the pool soon. I ended up having some great swims, and again this is an area where I don't want to lose momentum.

4) Strength - As part of my stress fracture recovery, I had a corrective strength program designed for me by Jon. I've been working on that, but because I hadn't been  super diligent, I'll take another week or two before moving into the weight lifting portion of the program, which will be about 8 weeks long.

4) Play - I would like to keep this fall light and fun, with lots of group activities and training with friends. There could be some yoga, barre, and maybe even organized sports thrown in for good measure. We'll see!

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  1. Sounds like you are recovering well!!! Your off-season sounds great!!! Have fun!!! Can't wait to see what you decide on for next year!!