Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of August 31

Down to the wire.  It's now only 8 days until I line up to start my race at Worlds.  At this point, I'm in the best place mentally that I've been all season.  I stopped worrying about things and just decided to keep moving forward in order to get myself to the start line healthy and happy.  That means I stopped worrying about trying to shed a few pounds (I gained 8 during my stress fracture) and started focusing on fueling my best to get me to Worlds.  That means I missed a workout because sleep seemed like a better idea. That means I tried  my hardest in the workouts that I did. That means I have been reflecting on how much I love triathlon.

Monday: A rest day!

Tuesday: I was in a rush and got lost on my way to do my brick, so I ended up cutting it a bit short. It was a warm night, and I got to enjoy a beautiful sunset!

Wednesday: I got to swim with Colin and Jenn in the morning.  ROCS practice was on hiatus between seasons, so it was up to me to do a workout on my own. After a solo warmup, I joined Jenn and Colin for their 100's.  In the evening, I had a very sweaty and hard tempo run.  It was 3x10 minutes with the first 10 at marathon pace, next 10 at tempo pace, and the final 10 building from tempo to 10k pace (5 minutes rest between efforts).  It was mentally and physically challenging.

Thursday: I skipped my morning ride, because as I mentioned above, sleep seemed more beneficial at the time.  In the evening, I was teaching barre classes, so it ended up being an extra rest day for me.

Friday: A late night, solo swim that started out delightfully (I was the only person in the pool).  It didn't end as well, but at least I went (it was 8 pm on a Friday night).

Saturday: Track brought another test for my leg.  I had 3x1k at 3k pace to complete and just like Wednesday's tempo workout, it was a challenge.  It went relatively well, though it certainly wasn't comfortable! I was thankful that Adrian decided to hop into my workout and just pace me through it.

Sunday: Jenn and I hit the River Pathway for an easy Sunday long ride.  We ended up at about 2:20. I took it mostly easy, though Jenn was able to convince me to put in about 15k of a steady effort, plus some big gear intervals.  The legs felt great and it was a beautiful morning to be out riding.


  1. Great perspective to get to the start line happy and healthy! We are lucky to be able to participate in Triathlon and train regularly! Enjoy your last few workouts as you taper down to your big race#

  2. Nice job!!! Keep positive!! Keep the momentum going all the way though the finish line!!! Those runs sound brutal but but what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!! ;)