Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of August 3

While the past day or so has been a bit tough (body not cooperating with my brain), writing last week's recap was a good reminder that I have been getting some pretty solid training in lately and that I am making a lot of progress with my running. However, I feel like I let myself get into a mindset where I was putting a LOT of pressure on myself starting last week. I had checked the countdown to Chicago, and I was following along with the performances of the girls in my AG at USAT Nationals, and I think I probably let those things get to me.  I started to think, "only 5.5 weeks left," "better make it count," "better hit every workout," "better not slack, because you are so far behind," and "if you don't put the work in, only you are to blame."  While sometimes those thoughts are positive, I think I let the negative connotations nest themselves inside my brain. I'm flipping my thinking around though and while I do plan on working hard over the next 5 weeks, I'm definitely going to be easier on myself and remember to still have fun with my training!

Monday: A nice, easy run after spending the weekend moving.  I followed it up with some time relaxing in our hammock. The perfect end to a long weekend.

Tuesday: In the morning, I had a light jog of 20 minutes. In the evening, my attempt at Time Trial Tuesday was a failure.  When we unpacked my car during the move on the weekend, I forgot that we also took my bike shoes out of the car.  I only remembered as I was almost to the Aviation Museum, so I had to go all the way home and by the time I was back, I had missed registration for the TT.  So I did my warm-up, then did the TT alone. It was a slog.

Wednesday: A longer swim (4200m) with a new coach was a nice way to start the day.  We did lots of drill, which was helpful, since I've been struggling to find my stroke lately.  My favorite yoga teacher, Phil, was teaching Yoga on Parliament Hill, so I made sure to bring my yoga clothes for lunchtime.

Thursday: An easy run in the morning before work, but I also got to do strides! It was exciting to open the legs up a bit.

Friday: My bike ride from Thursday night was postponed to Friday, but my leg was feeling really weird, so I ended up calling it a night after my warm-up instead of continuing on with my workout of hill repeats.

Saturday: Track practice with the Mile2Marathon crew and a workout of 40 minutes easy for me.  I also picked up some new tires for my bike at Cyclelogik.

Sunday:  One of the coolest things about Ottawa is that we have Sunday Bike Days, where parkways throughout the National Capital region are closed to cars so that people can get out and ride their bikes.  I was able to hop onto the parkway and ride all the way to Gatineau Park virtually free of cars.  It is always great to see so many people out enjoying the fresh air in the summertime. My ride was 65k, up to the Champlain Lookout and home, and it was awesome! So much bike love <3  Later in the evening, I went out to Meech Lake for a 30 minute swim. It was absolutely gorgeous!

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