Monday, August 17, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of August 10

Geesh, it was a roller coaster of a week.  A pitiful TT effort started things off on a really low note, and I had a hard time shaking it off until fairly late in the week.  In these times, I'm always thankful to have amazing people to turn to for advice and encouragement.  I've really realized how much being injured kept me from training with other people and how much I miss the social aspect of training. For the next 4 weeks, I'm going to try to inject fun and social-ness when I can in my training. And as I said last week, I'm going to work on taking some of the pressure off myself!

Monday: A rest day. It was a good one.

Tuesday:  Now that we've moved, I'm really enjoying my morning runs again.  It is so easy to get out there and run when you live super close to beautiful running paths.  In the evening, I had my worst TT effort  to date.  I don't have any explanation for it, except that my legs were just refusing to cooperate.  There was no wind, so I decided to try to really pace it well and start out a bit easy, then build to a strong finish. Well, I could never really pick up the pace, so I ended up so much slower than usual.

Storm clouds rolling in pre-TT


Wednesday: After a disappointing TT, I decided I needed to buck up and make sure the rest of my training was going well.  I woke up for a morning swim and in the evening met up with friends to run.  Well, I struggled mentally with the run and was totally comparing myself  to others and to my pre-injured self. That is not a fun game to play and not a healthy one either. Luckily, Coach Dave and Jenn gave me a good chat  after the run, and I started to feel much better.

Thursday: I spent the evening doing a few tough intervals on the parkway.  The workout went much better than the TT.

Sunset intervals

Friday: Another early morning swim and I ran into Mark (BlueCollarTri and head OTC coach) at the pool. We had a good chat, and then I ended up having a great swim. Thanks Mark!

Saturday: Coach Mike was at track, which was awesome. It was also my first "workout" since my stress fracture - 2x5 minutes at tempo with 2 minutes rest. Mike watched me run and reported that my form looked good (phew! I've been working hard on it lately). We also discussed the next 4 weeks of training and how the final build toward Chicago will go. (#superexcited!) And I got to congratulate him on his amazing 2nd place finish at Tour of Utah!

Sunday:  Holy heat! It was a scorcher by the time I made it out for my brick with roomie Jenn.  She had spent some time testing a new saddle on the trainer in the garage, then joined me for an hour and 45 minute spin out to the parkway. We decided we should throw in two repeats up Blair Hill Road for good measure, and were toasted by the time we got back to the house. But, I had to lace up and get out for a 20 minute T-run. The run, despite my poor choice of a route with NO shade, felt great! Super smooth and easy, plus faster than I expected. So thankful to have my bottle of Osmo Women's Hydration with me. It's a must on a hot, humid day! A great end to a somewhat mediocre week.

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  1. Sometimes even when your training isn't going as good as you would like or fast as you would are still out there getting it done!! Sometimes I think that it is pressure to do well also!!! :) Sounds like the week turned to the better as it progressed!! Good luck with this last build!! Have fun!