Monday, July 6, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Weeks of June 22 and June 29

Where have I been??? I had a busy week post-Tremblant and then was off to Saskatchewan for a visit with my parents.  I was busy, yes, but also just not super inspired to write. But now I'm refreshed and hopefully ready to get on with things again with a positive outlook.  Injuries are hard.  There are so many days where I'm thankful that I can still train, that my injury isn't bad at all compared to what many people experience, that the sun is shining, and that I have a wonderful family who hangs out on the side of the road to give me fresh water bottles on a ride on a 35 degree day.  But other days, I am unmotivated, pity myself, and think that maybe there's no point in swimming and biking if I can't run.  Some days, I'm happy and love swimming and biking, and some days, I cry reading Runner's World magazine because I miss running so much, and realize that I love running too now that I can't run. I am going to write another post about how things are going with the stress fracture, but this one is about getting on with my training despite it! (Though realistically I missed quite a few workouts over the two weeks.)

Week of June 22

Monday: A rest day as usual.

Tuesday: My first official time trial with the Ottawa Bicycle Club (OBC).  Tuesday's are the women's time trials and we had a great group of ladies out, including a few speed demons.  I finished in 25:21, which was 11 seconds slower than my effort in May. The conditions weren't very favourable, with 40 km/h gusts of wind on the way back.  It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to another one soon.  I also had my first physio appointment that day, and it was a successful one!

Wednesday: A swim in the morning that just did not go well.  I was having one of those totally "off" days in the pool and it was tough on me mentally.  There have been many moments during my injury where I have felt like I just NEEDED my swim and bike workouts to go well, since that was all I had. If the swim wasn't working, then what?!  After struggling to make the intervals on the main set, John sent me home.  He did review my stroke with me first though, using video from the week before, and I was happy to see that I didn't have too much to improve.  My head bounces a bit when I breathe and I don't start my catch right away when I take a breath, so I've been working on fixing that.  In the evening, I took an easy hour spin. I was happy that I went to meet up with the OTCers because Coach Dave brought me a special gift - a handwritten note from Meredith Kessler!! It is the coolest thing ever. Thank you Dave!!

Thursday and Friday: Both ended up being rest days given how much I needed to do before leaving for vacation.

Saturday:  An easy bike ride at the lake with my mom!  The idea was just to take the bike out and make sure it worked after I put it back together myself. The lake is beautiful and there are actually little rolling hills around it, so we got a nice little workout.

Sunday: It was 35 degrees Celsius and I had a 3:30 ride on my schedule. Mom came with me in the truck with extra water and snacks. She dropped me off on the side of the road at Tuxford and I rode down to the Trans Canada Highway. I stopped to see Mom at Caronport, to tell her that I needed to ride further, and to grab some water. Then I rode on to Mortlach, where I got more water and turned around to ride another 30ish kilometers back toward Moose Jaw.  The ride had 3x20 minutes of tempo in the middle, and I didn't realize that I had a headwind and yes, even in Saskatchewan, a slight uphill on the way out to Mortlach.  It was so good to have Mom out there with me.  The ride was mentally and physically challenging.  The heat was oppressive and there wasn't a stitch of shade, save for the shade of a semi-truck as it rumbled past me on the highway. It was a unique experience though and the shoulder on the Trans Canada was wide and mostly free of debris.  The views were incredible - miles and miles of shimmering golden and green fields and farmland with a perfectly crisp blue sky.

Week of June 28:

Monday: We awoke to a gorgeous morning and it looked like perfect conditions for a swim in the lake, but as Mom and I went down to the lake, the conditions seemed to have changed.  There was a thick haze coming in and so we switched our route. The original plan was to swim across the lake and back, for a total of 2.4 miles. Mom would kayak with me. But with the haze, we decided it may not be safe to be out in the middle of the lake, despite the bright orange kayak.  So after some delay as I freaked out about the squishy lake bottom and the algae and weeds floating near the lake's edge, I got myself in and swimming. The surface of the lake was completely covered with dead bugs though, and it was all I could do to put my face in the water. For a somewhat easy swim, I think my heart rate must have been ridiculously high, from my little freak outs. I don't do well with bugs, open water, or gross things.  In the end, I stayed out there for a little less than a half hour.  I ran up to the house to shower immediately, and the tub was covered with dead, smushed bugs by the end. GROSS! It turns out the haze was smoke from forest fires up north and it cloaked the whole area for the rest of the week. It was quite difficult to breathe and the beautiful scenery was masked.

Tuesday:  We successfully procured a trainer from a neighbour, so my Tuesday ride was in the house.  I had a set of hard anaerobic efforts and I'm sure my parents were amused by my faces and grunts and groans as I pedalled furiously through those sets of 2 minutes hard. By the end of the workout, I was drenched in sweat, and happy to be done!

Wednesday: Mom, Dad, and I hit the pool for a family Canada Day swim.  It was great to be there with them and I was quite impressed with how well they both swam. I got in a solid 3400m workout, so I felt pretty good about enjoying the festivities for the holiday!

Thursday: The smoke had cleared up a bit, so I set the trainer up on the deck outside.  The visibility was still pretty poor, so I didn't want to risk the roads.  It was a pretty tough, boring ride, but I got it done.  While on the bike, I finally finished Chrissie Wellington's book, and that provided a dose of motivation to keep going.

Friday:  We went to Regina to do some shopping for Mom's birthday party the following day, so my dad dropped Mom and I off at the outdoor pool for a swim.  I swam for about 50 minutes. Then I hopped out and straight on my bike for a 50 minute ride with the first 20 at tempo, around the park. It was the same pool and park where my mom had done her first triathlon two weeks prior.

Saturday and Sunday: Both ended up as off days.  I had procrastinated heading out for a 2.5 hour ride and was glad that I did, since right as I was about to leave the house a huge storm rolled through with thunder, lightning, and large pieces of hail.  The storms were coming from the direction I had planned to ride, and a few more came throughout the day. I was also supposed to swim, but just couldn't muster the motivation to do so.  We had a great time celebrating Mom's birthday though!  And then on Sunday, I flew back to Ottawa.

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  1. It is reassuring to see that I am not the only one who freaks out in the kind of water you describe. I did the Olympic at Pike Lake near Saskatoon at the end of June and had to swim with my head out of the water because I just couldn't bear to keep my face under the surface. Any tips or tricks or do you just suffer through?