Monday, July 13, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of July 6

I can't tell you how great it feels to be running again, and to have a solid week of training to boot. After meeting with my physio on Tuesday and my sport med doc on Wednesday, I was cleared to begin running again. So coach rejigged my schedule a bit to include two runs toward the end of the week last week. The feeling of running was like magic. It made me so incredibly happy and I'm excited to continue the progression back.

Monday: I had taken several days off, so despite having a crazy day on Monday, I got my ride in on the trainer at 10 pm. It was just an easy spin, so I didn't mind hanging out in the basement for an hour on the bike.

Tuesday:  The new theme for Tuesday: time trial!  It was a bit touch and go on whether the weather would cooperate - the sky was dark and menacing, and the winds were gusting - but we managed to finish the TT just in time for the first drops of rain to start falling.  My goals were to pace better and to not get caught, and I succeeded. It felt like I managed my effort much better, and I was rewarded with a new 15k PB of 25:07. That was 14 seconds faster than my effort two weeks prior.

Wednesday: I swam in the morning. It was another mentally tough set (4x 100, 200, 300 with the base pace decreasing each round), and I struggled to finish it. The swim needs to be a bit more of a focus in the 2 months until Chicago. No more missing practices.

Thursday: It was finally time to run again! I went to the Y by my office and hit the treadmill for some jog-walking. At first it felt really awkward, as if my legs didn't quite remember what to do.  It may have also been that I was running scared of hurting myself and making mental notes of how my right leg felt throughout.  In the end, the leg felt fine and I completed 12 minutes of running.  In the evening, I took an easy bike ride along the river.

Friday: I had intentions to get up for swimming, but ended up sleeping in instead (it was supposed to be a rest day anyways).

Saturday: I got to go to track! Mike was there, so suggested that I come do my run at practice so he could watch me run. The run went well.  After it, I scooted off to Meech Lake for a bit of open water swimming in my new Coeur Sports Monaco Training Bikini (not pictured, but it is amazing!!).

Sunday: A long, hot ride with the girls! It is way more fun to ride with friends when you have 3 hours in the schedule, so I was happy to have company and stronger cyclists to bike with! We had a great ride out to Alice's. During the ride, I had some hard intervals to do, which made the time pass quickly. The temperature was a bit hard to handle at times, but I felt fairly well hydrated thanks to Osmo Nutrition Preload and Hydration (and water refills at Alice's).

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  1. Great week!! Congrats on your TT!! Glad to hear the running is going well!!