Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of July 13

Last week started off on a pretty low note, but a good pep talk from Mike helped to turn things around and despite getting sick at the end of the week, I had some pretty solid, confidence building sessions.  As I've mentioned many times throughout the past 2 months, being injured is hard... but recovering from an injury is even harder.  It is a long process, that requires patience and gentleness with yourself.  There will be workouts that don't go the way you want them to, and there will be days when everything seems off and it seems like you have so far to go to get back to where you were pre-injury.  Mike reminded me that trying my best is the most important thing right now. So, that's what I'm trying to do - try my best, listen to my body, and be smart.

Monday: An attempted run that just felt off was not the way I wanted to start my week.  I cut things short when I just didn't feel like my body was cooperating, because I've been trying to be mindful of how I feel in order to avoid re-injuring myself.  I recently read an article though to explain why that post-work run may have felt so off -- sitting all day at work shortens our hip flexors and makes our glutes lazy which means we won't get as much power out of our running and our stride will be shortened! Makes total sense! This is why it is so important to warm-up properly and activate our muscles before we run (or swim or bike), especially for those evening workouts.  Oh yea... Team Canada uniforms arrived for Worlds!!!

Tuesday: This ended up being a rest day.  The plan was to do another TT, but I still felt "off" after Monday's run and didn't want to push it.

Wednesday: An early morning swim brought on some water works.  The swim itself was actually quite good and I was hitting the pace that I should be hitting, but the whole weight of feeling like I've lost my season came down on me that morning.  At lunchtime at work, I finally made it to Yoga on Parliament Hill! Thank you Lululemon for hosting such a fun, weekly event!

Thursday:  My last scheduled physio appointment was in the morning, then in the evening I met with Jon Slaney for a strength assessment.  We realized there is A LOT for me to work on in terms of improving muscle imbalances. Jon gave me a few exercises and activities to get started with while he develops the rest of my plan.  The plan will address the imbalances and hopefully help to prevent future injury and the second part of the plan will improve my power and efficiency. Jon is really knowledgeable and great at explaining things.  After meeting with Jon, I went for a treadmill run (to test some new shoes).  Again, I had to cut the run short.  The shoes were not for me and I was feeling "off" again, so I hopped off the treadmill after only 24 total minutes of running.

Coeur Sports "Supernova" Kit was super soaked...

Friday: I had scheduled a bit too much for my Thursday (physio, strength assessement, run... work!), so my ride was postponed to Friday evening.  I know a lot of people enjoy having Friday off, but I actually love training on Friday night.  The weather was not in my favour though, and the rain had started to fall quite heavily by the time I made it to the Aviation Parkway.  After about 10 minutes, I was completely soaked and the rain no longer made a difference.  The workout was awesome - 6x2.5 minutes at Z5/6 with 2.5 minutes recovery.  I love when everything seems to come together (it may have been my fresh cycling legs). This workout gave me a huge confidence boost, particularly since I got stronger as the workout progressed.  By the end, I was a drowned rat, but a very happy one at that!

Saturday:  I'm so happy to be back to Saturday track workouts. Doing drills and a full warm-up was super helpful too, because my run felt amazing.  Everything flet like it was doing what it was supposed to and I didn't experience any "off" feelings or tightness in my lower leg. Success!  What wasn't great was the humidity and the fact that someone stole my water bottle in the middle of my workout!  I also ended up quite sick for the rest of the day and parts of Sunday.

Sunday: I went away on Saturday afternoon and didn't check the weather for Sunday. I had planned to do my ride in the afternoon / early evening, but came home to risk of thunderstorms.  After hemming and hawing, I decided to try to go on my ride anyways (the radar looked okay...).  I arrived at the park and was just setting off from the parking lot when I saw a flash of lightning and heard a crack of thunder.  I scrambled back to the car and headed home to the bike trainer.  But I think I was still fighting off whatever had me under the weather on Saturday, because I just could not get my heart rate up, even after a nearly 40 minute long warm-up, so I called it a day.

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