Monday, June 1, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of May 25

I didn't really realize it until Saturday, but last week wasn't really a great week for training.  I had some lingering issues with my peroneal tendon, which luckily are starting to go away.  And I was just super tired.  But, unlike previous crappy weeks of training, my mindset was the opposite.  I was happy to be out there, even if I wasn't quite getting it done the way I hoped.  I felt good mentally, despite not feeling well physically.  I like to think that is progress.

Monday: Rest day!

Tuesday: An easy 40-minute recovery run to get the week started.

Wednesday: I missed Tuesday's swim and realized that Wednesday would likely be my only other chance to get to ROCs for a workout, so I went to the pool.  It was an okay session, but could have been better.  I had a great meeting with Mike to chat about training and goals for the rest of the summer, and just go over how things were going in general.  In the evening, Mike cut my brick to just an easy bike ride given my ankle issue so I could have some time off from running.  The ride was not going well, so I cut it about 45 minutes short. I just had zero energy.

Thursday: A rest day and it was probably needed.  In the evening, I took a little adventure to Montreal to see Joel Plaskett. Gilly and I also had a great meal at Bon Vivant, down the street from the theatre... that is Kimchi Poutine, so delicious!  It was a super fun night!

Friday: Since I didn't get home until late from the concert, I skipped my morning swim. After work, I did a TGIF brick - with 3x10 minutes at Z4 on the bike, followed by an easy run. It was a gorgeous night and I was happy to be out doing something productive, moving closer to my goals.  It's a far cry from my old life of hitting up happy hour after work on Friday, but training definitely makes me happier! And I had the "golden hour" for a little run photo shoot by the river.

Saturday: Hill repeats at "track" practice.  These were brutal, but I was so happy that Andy was also doing the same workout.  We both would have likely only done maybe 5 or 6 if we had been alone, but instead we powered through all 8, and finished the last one strong.  Mind you, my pace was closer to 5-10k pace instead of the prescribed 3-5k pace, but oh well. It was also super hot and so humid, yuck! After teaching a few barre classes after track, I made my way out to the grand opening of the new iNSiDE Out Studio location in Stittsville. It is GORGEOUS! And I am up on the wall there, LOL! After checking out the studio, we grabbed a coffee at Quitter's Coffee in Stittsville, a super cute place with great java!

Sunday:  I took a solo ride out to my favorite café. Sometimes it is nice to not worry that I'm holding someone back and to just be alone with my thoughts for a few hours.  This ride was nice, though a little chilly, and easy.  I took the opportunity to reflect and think about lots of different things.  And I indulged in a bacon-chive scone and an Americano once I got to Alice's. All in all, a beautiful way to end the week.


  1. Great week!! Even if it wasn't perfect! Great picture of you running out at the river!! Super cute!!
    Sometimes it is nice to go out and ride and not worry about your pace or what your training partners are doing!! Even better when you have a scone and coffee to ride to! ;)

  2. Sometimes the weeks that don't go "as planned" are needed. It sounds like you still got in a good amount of training, in the way your body and mind wanted. You also seem to find balance between life and training, which a lot of people struggle with. That picture of you running is pretty awesome. Looking good, girlfriend!

  3. Beautiful photo of you running along the water! I totally understand missing swim workouts... lately, it's been hard to wake up and get to the pool for me. Luckily, I can now train in the open water, which means I can sleep a little later:) Sorry to hear about your tendon... hopefully it gets better!! Are you doing any ankle strengthening exercises?