Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of June 8

Last week was full of question marks. The biggest one is whether or not I actually have a stress fracture and what that means for my training and upcoming races.  It's been a trying time, but I'm doing my best to maintain a positive attitude.  I'll share a bit more later, but for now a quick update on last week's minimal training (maybe we can call it a taper). And now, it's the first triathlon race week of the season!! I may just be doing a swim-bike, but you can bet that I'm treating this as I would treat any other race week.  Needless to say, I'm pretty excited to get out there and test my fitness!

Monday: Appointment with my doctor and an X-ray to kick off the week.

Tuesday:  I took the day off. Mike advised that the emotional stress of the stress fracture was probably enough to deal with and that I could take the day off if I wanted to.  In the end, I was glad to just relax and try to get my mind off my injury.

Wednesday:  A morning swim and an evening spin! The rain in the evening kept me inside for the spin, but I was glad to see some friendly HPS faces and have a nice chat. I kept things really light on the bike, but still ended up feeling like my leg was swollen afterwards.

Thursday: A day off since my leg felt the worst it had since the injury began.

Friday: Swim in the morning, almost all pull since kicking has been bothering my leg.

Saturday: In place of my long ride, I did Thursday's interval ride out at the parkway.  It was hard, but it felt good to push the pace a bit after feeling so discouraged all week.

We realized we had to bike to the beach... after putting on our wetsuits!

Sunday: A fun transition practice with the other Mile 2 Marathon athletes. We did an open water swim which included skills practice (sighting, breathing, beach starts, etc.) and a 400m time trial.  I was really happy with my time for the TT - 5:23!  Feeling good about where I am on the swim. Then we practiced our other transitions, as well as flying mounts and dismounts. I need to keep practicing those, as evidenced by the bruises all over my right leg, where I was run over by my own bike!


  1. I hope there is good news on the stress fracture front. That's great that you are taking time to mentally/emotionally deal with everything going on, and aren't rushing out the door to train hard and "cover up" the issue.

    I have never practiced the swim-bike transition, but that is genius. I think I need to add o my training next year, as I always have a slow T1 time and feel discombobulated coming out of the water.

  2. You seem to be handling your injury so well and really focusing on the things you can do! That is really inspiring because we all know that we WANT to do the things we can't/shouldn't. You are doing a good job of staying positive and I hope you get some good news very, very soon! I know you will kick butt in your race this weekend with your swim and bike! Good luck!!!

  3. Yes keeping positive is always helpful!! No giving up!! Keeping swimming and biking!!! :)