Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of June 15

Keeping this one short and sweet! More to come in the form of a race report and an injury update!

Monday: Rest day and my bone scan appointment.

Tuesday: A gorgeous ride on the bike path with my roommate. The weather was perfect and we had a nice hour long ride.

Wednesday:  I swam in the morning with ROCs and again did mostly pull, which was a bit brutal since the main set was 1500s (I only did one though). I'm obsessed with my new ROKA F1 goggles. They are so comfortable and clear.  Then, I had my sport med doc appointment later in the day. The bone scan results were in and it was confirmed that I do have a stress fracture.  After work, I got in one last hard ride before Tremblant. Hill repeats were on the agenda. I was meant to be practicing maintaining speed and staying aero into the hill. It was fun / hard and good practice for Saturday.

Super happy to be riding my bike!

Thursday: I was supposed to swim, but ended up needing to take my bike to get a quick fix for the rear derailleur before I got on the road to Mont Tremblant.

Friday: A nice, easy shakeout ride with some bursts of speed thrown in to get the legs ready for Saturday's race.  Then a visit to the race expo to pick up my race kit and a nice afternoon in the village. I'll share more about race weekend in the next post!

Saturday:  Up for the race early on Saturday. I did the swim and the bike leg, then handed my chip in before the run for my very first DNF.  It was a great day, despite the fact that I really wished I could complete the race. Again, more to come!  Later in the afternoon, we went out for an easy hour spin down to the Old Village.

Sunday:  Cheering for my amazing friends racing the Mont Tremblant 70.3.  I'm in awe of their hard work, strength, perseverance and overall kick-ass-ness.  I'm so proud of all of them for wonderful performances, especially Gilly, who punched her ticket to 70.3 Worlds in Austria!!! Woo!

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