Monday, May 11, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of April 27 and May 4

We skipped spring and went straight to summer! And that is fine with me!  I also skipped writing last week's recap, so here we go with a double. A roller coaster of the past two weeks with some hard training and some hard days mentally. I'm looking forward to moving on this week and focusing again on the hard work that I have put in already, and staying positive and focused on what is ahead! We are now only 5 weeks out from Tremblant!

Week of April 27

Monday: Rest day! It feels weird writing these weekly recaps and starting with a rest day, but I'm so happy that I have switched my schedule to be able to enjoy the weekends to their fullest.

Tuesday: It was the final week of the pool being closed, and I just couldn't quite bring myself to drive all the way to the pool in Gatineau. No swim. In the evening, I did a ride out on the parkway with Brent and Erik. I also did my first ever climb of Blair Road Hill... that's a serious hill there!

Wednesday: Early morning brick in Gatineau Park. I did small loops of 6x6 minutes building from Z3-5 during each. Then I ran easy for 32 minutes.  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and an amazing way to start the day (Jenn joined me for part of the ride too!).

Thursday: An easy 35 minute run. It did not feel awesome - my cadence and stride felt totally off - but I got it done.  I also took a trip to the bike shop (Cyclelogik) to start my search for a TT bike!

Friday: A super short (2000m) swim to start the day.

Saturday: I went out to watch Jenn run the MEC 10k. While she raced, I did my workout - 3k at 10k pace, 2k at 5k pace, and 1k at 3k pace.  Whew, that was a tough one! In the afternoon, I picked up the Felt B14 to take for a test ride! What a sweet ride!

Sunday:  Nice loop of Gatineau Park with the ladies! It was a perfect day for a ride. The park was jam packed with people, since it was still closed to cars. We are so lucky to have an accessible, beautiful and challenging place to ride!  After the ride we hit up Art-Is-In Bakery (yum) for some treats and a visit with our old training buddy Jen who was visiting from India!

Week of May 4

Monday: A well deserved rest day (in my opinion).

Tuesday: First swim back with ROCS in 3 weeks.  It was rough, and the pool was set up for long course!  My stroke felt totally off all practice long.  In the evening, I took an easy ride with Jenn and Dale on the river pathway. The path was a bit too crowded for my liking, but it was a really nice night.

Wednesday: A tough night of training with the High Performance Squad out on Rockcliff Parkway.  Whew, lots of intervals and some wind to deal with as well. I was doing some work on alternating cadence, which made it a bit interesting. After the ride (1:10), I had a run with the first 15 minutes at tempo pace (7:04 average), then 20 minutes easy.

Thursday: The worst run of my life.  I was physically and mentally stressed out during this run, and it was only meant to be 35 minutes easy.  Everything felt awful. I have never wanted to quit so badly.  This run was the culmination of some hard training, but also a downward swing of my mental state where I'd been playing the comparison game and only focusing on the things that weren't going well. Sometimes being in the weeds of the day-to-day training can take its toll and prevent me from seeing the big picture. All I could do was put that run behind me and remind myself that I do triathlon for fun, because I love it, and that I can only focus on what I am doing.

Friday: No swim in the morning. My body was craving sleep, so I stayed in bed for an extra hour and a half and just woke up with enough time to do my strength workout before work (upper body and glute activation focus). In the evening, I had a great chat with Coach Dave when I went by to pick up his old TT to borrow for a bit.  Then, we had a tri-family dinner at Gilly's with some amazing food - grilled chicken and salmon skewers, grilled veggies, this awesome salad and this AMAZING dark chocolate tart (wow, I may never make another dessert again), along with some delicious wine from Gilly's family vineyard. A lovely evening!

Saturday: A long morning at the barre studio meant I was on my own for my run workout and bike. I also stopped by the bike shop again to pick up the Scott Plasma 30 for a test ride. Run was drills, strides and 20 minutes easy. Then, I hopped on the Scott for an easy 40 minute spin.

Sunday: Time Trial Sunday! I had the date wrong for the OTC time trial, so I had to do it alone on Sunday.  It was actually kind of awesome though.  There were many points where I was cursing life and just couldn't wait to be finished, but I also loved having a chance to push myself.  My legs and lungs were on fire by the end!  It was great to have Jenn, Dale and Gilly around too, and Jenn as my official timer.  Before my TT, I went with Gilly to cheer on Dale, Colin, and Jenn (and pirate runner) at the Sporting Life 10k! I love race season!!

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  1. Great couple of weeks!! Everyone has good days and bad days!! I often have to remind myself this is for fun!! :)
    Can't wait to see what kind of bike you buy!! Super fun!!