Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Training and Life Recap: Week of April 6

It was a fairly light week of recovery, following my huge week of training in Florida.  The sun and warm weather are finally starting to appear in Ottawa.  It was a tough adjustment to come back and I felt somewhat unmotivated to train, but I talked myself out of the slump and am back on the positive track!

Monday:  After a long two days in the car on the way home from Florida, my legs were quite happy to get out for a 30 minute shake-out run.

Snow is almost gone!

Tuesday:  After only 4 hours of sleep Sunday night, my body wasn't ready to get up for my morning swim on Tuesday.  So I listened to it and stayed in bed.

Wednesday:  I had a brick in my schedule, but then ran out of time for it after mis-judging how long it would take me to put my bike back together.  I had planned to do the run portion with Jenn, so I just went and did that.  It was a brutal run though and so cold, with pellets of ice falling from the sky and whipping my face as I ran.

Thursday:  After teaching the 6 am barre class, I scrambled home to hop on my trainer to at least do the bike portion of the previous day's scheduled brick.  Long blocks of Z4 effort with a focus on smooth and controlled pedalling. Whatever was going on during Wednesday's run was over, so that was good and the bike was a nice way to start the day.  I went for a walk on a break from work and got myself a birthday gift - new running shoes - and had a nice chat with Peter at Sports4 (my favorite running store).  We talked about being at our best and believing in ourselves on race day.

Friday:  Up for my 6 am swim practice.  It was definitely tough to be back at an actual practice after just using the swim as my recovery in Florida and after taking Tuesday off.  When the set went up on the board, I had some pretty negative thoughts at first, but I told myself I could do it or at least had to try!  While the set was quite hard, I pushed through and tried my best to refocus on the positives, letting go of my negative thoughts and self doubts. We are what we believe we are.  If we believe we can't do something, more than likely, we won't be able to do it.

Saturday:  My birthday!!  Stomach issues kept me from track practice in the morning, but I still got my workout in once we arrived at the cottage.  And when your friends are all also triathletes, it's no surprise that pretty much all of us had a workout to do when we got there. So I did my 12x400 on a nice stretch of quiet road.  The ice cream cone that I had from Kawartha Dairy on the way didn't really make things easier, but the workout still went pretty well.

Birthday flowers from my roommate (Check out Bloomfield's on Bank if you're from Ottawa!)

Birthday track workout at the cottage!

After a few glasses of wine, we attempt to get the bikes ready for Sunday morning's ride.

Sunday:  We all went out for a nice 50k ride around Bobcaygeon.  It was a glorious day, with sunshine and warmer temperatures.  It was nice to be out on my bike again! In the evening, the ladies all went to SWEET at Bushtukah, a local outdoors store. The annual event is for women only and brings together tons of local organizations and support services for runners, triathletes, adventurers, cyclists, and more.  There were two great speakers, who both offered some great reminders and good life perspective on happiness, trying one's best, adjusting our expectations and continuing to move forward.

Happiness and Bicycles


  1. Nice to back to your routine and home is always nice. Glad you had a great birthday.

  2. Awesome reminder of how important it is to have a "happy head space!" Thank you!

    So happy I got to spend your birthday with you!!