Monday, April 20, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of April 13

After a down week post-Florida, I was back at it with a solid week of training. I felt like I was back in my groove of getting decent sleep, fueling my body well, and generally taking care of myself.  My workouts felt great for the most part and we finally had some spring weather!

Monday: Monday is my new rest day! Now that the weather is nicer, I've had coach switch my rest day so that I can get outside on Sundays to train and enjoy Ottawa by bike.

Tuesday: I started the day with a nice, easy 30 minute run.  Our normal pool is closed for two weeks, so I decided to swim on my own in the evening.  I only got about 50 minutes in by the time I got myself organized to swim, but it was a pretty solid workout and the pool was set up for 50m!

Wednesday: Hard anaerobic intervals on the trainer in the morning before work.  This was a mentally challenging workout, as I was meant to go about 2-3% harder on each interval. It went pretty well and I dug deep to finish strong. In the evening, I watched part of the hockey game. Then I had a good chat with coach, discussing my race schedule, my upcoming training blocks, and ways to continue to improve on the bike. And then, I went to do strength with my OTC group.  It was a good day. Only made better by the fact that I got to order my Team Canada gear for Age Group Worlds!

Thursday: A gorgeous morning run along the Ottawa River - 65 minutes of bliss.  The paths are finally free of snow and ready for running and cycling.

Post-bath. Shiny and clean.

Friday: Strength work before work.  I was supposed to swim on my own in the evening, but wasn't terribly motivated to get to the pool.  So I cleaned my bike and watched part of the Ottawa Senators-Montreal Canadiens game.

Saturday: Our track workouts have moved outside!  We hit the Arboretum for drills and strides, then we all did our workouts.  I had hills at 5k pace.  It was a tough one, but it felt good and it was an absolutely beautiful morning to be out running with friends!  I made a delicious dinner on Saturday night - Maple-Dijon salmon, kale-beet-sweet potato salad with goat cheese and walnuts, and grilled asparagus!  That is a glass of Rise Kombucha Rose & Schizandra and Champagne on the side. (Rise is based in Montreal and makes amazingly delicious kombucha!) Yummy!

Sunday:  Another gorgeous day! Spring has finally arrived in Ottawa.  I met Jenn at Rockcliff Parkway for some intervals.  We both warmed up together, then set off on our workouts. Mine was 5x5 minutes at Z5 with 3-5 minutes rest between.  Then I had a 30 minute easy run off the bike. I felt pretty strong and relaxed throughout, though the wind going east was brutal! Followed the brick with a double brunch experience, then did some chores and watched the Sens game.


  1. It is great that you are able to shift now to being outside more! That, in itself, is a motivator!

    You have been watching some close games with your Senators! Playoff hockey is so awesome and unfortunately, my team missed the opportunity again. Round one has had some exciting games though!

  2. Great week!! Looks amazing in Ottawa! So funny how just a couple of weeks ago you were posting pictures of snow filled roads. Now those roads you can safely be on!! ;)