Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Alive to Strive 10k Run 2014

Alternate title for this post: "That time I peed my pants..."

I'm racing this weekend in the 5k Team Challenge at the Alive to Strive Race in Ottawa, and it reminded me that this blog didn't actually exist yet when I ran the 10k at Alive to Strive last year.    So, for a little throwback, I decided I would share last year's race report.  This might be my most embarrassing race report yet, but hopefully it gives you a little chuckle and a reminder to hit the port-a-potty line early at your next race!

After a solid winter of training last year, I was excited to test my fitness with my second 10k road race ever.  I had signed up for Alive to Strive based on the recommendation of Robin, a fellow HPS member, and one of the organizers of the race.  Alive to Strive benefits individuals living with chronic kidney disease. 

The morning of the race came and I got dropped off at the registration area at Hogs Back Park in Ottawa.  After getting my bib, I hit the port-a-potties then proceeded to do my drills and a quick warm-up.  It was a fairly chilly morning for late April (but such is life in Ottawa). 

I only had my Garmin on and I still haven't quite figured out how to make it show the actual time.  After giving my boyfriend (at the time) a hug and asking for the time, I realized that maybe I ought to pee again.  I went back over to the port-a-potties to find a huge line-up and only about 10 minutes to go until race time (the 10k started first, with the 5k and team challenge starting later).  There were only 3 port-a-potties (my only complaint about this race), so I was doing the pee dance, waiting and waiting for my turn.

There was one person left in line in front of me when I heard the countdown for the start...

So I sprinted out of the port-a-potty line and over to the start, crossing the line dead last.

You can bet that first mile was my fastest of the day, as I weaved through the other racers to get myself going and in position. 

Around the 2k mark, I realized that yes, in fact, I did have to pee. But despite a trickle and the thought that maybe I should just quit now, I kept going.  My pace felt great and quite sustainable.

As I approached the turn around point, I saw my Coach Joe and another teammate Stephan leading the way back.  I also realized that there was maybe only one other woman in front of me.  At the turn around, I was quite happy with my 5k time (something like 22 minutes), so I kept pushing myself to hold the pace. 

Then, I saw the only other woman in front of me and I decided that I would try to catch and pass her. I passed her at about 7k, then did my best to hold my pace as we hit the hill up to the finish.  It was a burner, but there were some students with cowbells on the side of the road and someone else told me that I was, in fact, the first female!

Things were getting uncomfortable though, and even though I really wanted to give it a good sprint toward the end, as I turned onto the Terry Fox track, the pee decided to make it's return.  Full out.  I wish I was kidding, but I just couldn't stop it.  I was able to see the clock though, and push through to finish under 45 minutes with a PB of 44:40.  The boyfriend was waiting to take my photo as I crossed the line, but I had to wave and shout to him that he should definitely NOT take my photo.  Navy blue running tights were not the best choice that day!

But, I was the overall female winner! So that was exciting!  I did my best to get cleaned up and waited to collect my award.  There was some great food and the volunteers were excellent.  A well run race and a fun day overall! 

This year, you better believe that I am hitting the port-a-potty nice and early!


  1. Oh, the things we do to keep going, fight hard, and finish with a win. :) I make it a point to visit the port-a-potties extra early for this reason. We all have our learning experiences, right?

    I remember during my first marathon, my stomach started acting up and I decided to pass the port-a-potties as mile 11 and just "make it" to mile 13 where there would be more. Nope. I ended up running into a spectators house (they were so kind) and using their bathroom. It was either that or my short (for thousands to see). I can guarantee that I have never passed up the opportunity to use a port-a-potty again. :)

    Good luck this weekend!!!

  2. This was a great race story...thanks for sharing even though it may have been a bit embarrassing!!