Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Florida Training Trip: Part 1

On a whim, a few weeks ago, I decided to go to a training camp in Florida. After enduring the brutal, cold, snowy, never-ending Ottawa winter, it was what my soul needed.  A week of sunshine and warm weather to spend cycling, running, and swimming outside is definitely good for the soul and good for my goals. And Clermont, Florida is a triathlete's dream come true in terms of weather, challenging terrain, and beautiful facilities.

I went down with a group of 6 other people, led by Rick Hellard of Zone3Sports.  Rick is a very experienced and accomplished triathlete and coach from Ottawa.  Most of his athletes focus on longer distance triathlons.  Our group ended up being a bit of a mix, since both myself and Kyle focus on short course triathlon.  It was a really great group of people and I'm happy to have met everyone and had a chance to train with them over the course of the week.

The big focus of the week for me was the cycling.  My bike and I haven't always been the best of friends, and my goal for the week was to change that.  My coach filled my Training Peaks schedule with rides with the rest of the group.  My week was a mix of Rick's workouts and workouts that Mike had given me, plus my own choice of what to do in the pool since my swim coach suggested that I just focus on the bike and run and use my swims as recovery workouts.

So today's post will be just a quick recap of my week's worth of workouts and then tomorrow, I will share some reflections on the week!

Sunday:  Group ride of 42k, then an optional 32k loop into and out of Clermont proper. Followed by a nice easy 30 minute run.

Monday: My longest ride ever of 94k! It was so hilly. Clermont is full of hills!!

Tuesday: Swim and Tempo run - 15 minute warm-up with drills and strides, 3x5 minutes at marathon-tempo pace with 1 minute of recovery between, and a 12 minute cooldown.

National Training Center pool. Beautiful!

Wednesday: Long run with the group - 14k (75 minutes). Swim clinic and practice with Sara McLarty.

Thursday: Solo 83k ride and a little bit of beach time, plus a visit with an old friend in St. Petersburg.

Love, love, love my Coeur Sports kits!

Friday: New longest ride ever - 114k - with the group, including a stop at a delicious bakery! Followed by the best swim ever - outside, long course, empty pool! Bliss :)

Cute German bakery in Yalaha

Saturday: Easy 30 minute run and a 2000m swim.

Path around the lake in Clermont

Sunday: Drive back to Ottawa.

Totals for the week:
Swim: around 10,000 m (never added up what we did at swim clinic / practice with Sara)
Bike: 226.7 miles
Run: 21 miles

The week was full of love for Coeur Sports and Osmo Nutrition. I sported some beautiful new kits (see the pink and green argyle above) that I got in the mail to my aunt's house in Philly where we stopped on the way down.  I cannot stress enough how much I love Coeur kits.  The seamless chamois is actually a life changer.  I spent 226 miles on my bike and even though I bought chamois cream, I actually forgot to use it the whole week, and I never once felt uncomfortable on my saddle. The #noangrykitty rings true.  Thank you Coeur!!!! 

And I used Osmo Nutrition Active Hydration for Women the whole week during my rides and runs, as well as the Acute Recovery for Women after my long rides and runs to refuel and replenish my body. I felt great all week, and felt like I was well hydrated and recovered nicely from my workouts.

It was a great week and I'm so happy that I decided to go.  Weeks like that teach you a lot about yourself and push you out of your comfort zone, which is exactly what I needed.  Plus a little Vitamin D does wonders!


  1. Love that you had such great long ride on your bike. Also love the Coeur Kits! Looking forward to mine. Did you contact them about my missing shirt?

  2. I am never been to a tri camp, but it sounds like you had a great experience! Fun times!

  3. Tri camps are no joke!! Sounds like so much fun and sunshine!!! I can't imagine that drive though! :) How fun to do a swim clinic with Sara and that pool! Amazing!!