Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of March 23

When I decided to go to Florida for a training camp on an impulse, my coach let me take last week easy. That, combined with some stomach issues early in the week and lots to do at work and home (with little sleep) late in the week as Florida departure approached, and I didn't train much at all. But... I did do an FTP test on the bike! Boy, was that mentally challenging!  And now, I'm writing this during my rest between workouts in the sunny, warm Florida morning.

Monday: I didn't sleep during the night due to some strange stomach issues, so I decided to skip my morning brick.

Frozen hair post swim

Tuesday: I still had some lingering stomach issues, but went to my swim anyways. I had some really fast 100s during our main set of 6x100 best average. I was happy to be holding 1:10s. It was the first time seeing that number in ages! But as soon as I slowed down, my stomach told me it was time to go home.

Wednesday: An FTP test!  First time doing one on a power meter, and it was a truly mentally challenging exercise. From minute 5-10 I was totally ready to gibe up, but I closed my eyes and reminded myself that u could do anything for 10 more minutes. So I powered through the end and my second half was stronger. Its great to have a baseline to work with.

Thursday:  I did what was hopefully my last "winter" run. It was just an easy 35 minute recovery run.  Then, I finished packing for Florida!

Friday: Departure day and too much to do meant that I skipped my swim and strength workouts.  We hit the road at noon for our loooong drive to Florida.

Saturday: A full day spent in the car! We had a nice day for travel, but hit lots of traffic, so despite leaving early we didn't arrive in Clermont til almost midnight.

Sunday:  The group did a 42k ride, then we did another 32k to learn the route into and home from downtown Clermont. I followed the ride up with a short 30 minute run for a nice brick to start off training camp. It was gorgeous and a perfect day for riding. The scenery is quite beautiful and I was so,so happy to be on my bike!!!


  1. Those are some killer watts you were pushing on your FTP test. Strong!!! Isn’t it amazing how the mind somehow pushes you through those 20 minutes? I have done the test three times and at the end of each I always think, “how did I do that?” I struggle the most at minutes 13-16 but then become hopeful and empowered during the last 4. Are you thinking about training with power?

    Enjoy Florida. Talk about transitioning from one extreme to the other. You are going to have an incredible training experience down there – I can’t wait to read next week’s update!

  2. Nice job on the power test!! Those are not fun!! It is always fun afterwards to see the results afterwards!! :)
    Have so much fun in Florida!! I need some heat right now! Can't wait to hear more about your time down there!