Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of March 23

When I decided to go to Florida for a training camp on an impulse, my coach let me take last week easy. That, combined with some stomach issues early in the week and lots to do at work and home (with little sleep) late in the week as Florida departure approached, and I didn't train much at all. But... I did do an FTP test on the bike! Boy, was that mentally challenging!  And now, I'm writing this during my rest between workouts in the sunny, warm Florida morning.

Monday: I didn't sleep during the night due to some strange stomach issues, so I decided to skip my morning brick.

Frozen hair post swim

Tuesday: I still had some lingering stomach issues, but went to my swim anyways. I had some really fast 100s during our main set of 6x100 best average. I was happy to be holding 1:10s. It was the first time seeing that number in ages! But as soon as I slowed down, my stomach told me it was time to go home.

Wednesday: An FTP test!  First time doing one on a power meter, and it was a truly mentally challenging exercise. From minute 5-10 I was totally ready to gibe up, but I closed my eyes and reminded myself that u could do anything for 10 more minutes. So I powered through the end and my second half was stronger. Its great to have a baseline to work with.

Thursday:  I did what was hopefully my last "winter" run. It was just an easy 35 minute recovery run.  Then, I finished packing for Florida!

Friday: Departure day and too much to do meant that I skipped my swim and strength workouts.  We hit the road at noon for our loooong drive to Florida.

Saturday: A full day spent in the car! We had a nice day for travel, but hit lots of traffic, so despite leaving early we didn't arrive in Clermont til almost midnight.

Sunday:  The group did a 42k ride, then we did another 32k to learn the route into and home from downtown Clermont. I followed the ride up with a short 30 minute run for a nice brick to start off training camp. It was gorgeous and a perfect day for riding. The scenery is quite beautiful and I was so,so happy to be on my bike!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Athlete's Religion

I wrote the following essay for my university applications way back in the fall of 2003.  I thought that I would share it to give you a sense of who I am, but also of the person that I lost for a few years post-university.  Triathlon has helped me to rediscover my "religion" (please don't take offense at my use of that term!) and my true self.  So, for #ThrowbackThursday, here it is...

October 29, 2003


The Athlete’s Religion

                How many kids have a replica Stanley Cup with their father’s name engraved on it on display in their china cabinet?  I am one of those few, and my life has taken its shape from that Cup and what it stands for: the hard work, the pursuit, and the glory.  From my first hockey game at the tender age of one week old to the moves to cities across North America, my dad’s career and passion has affected my existence.

                Living with a professional athlete as a father creates an atmosphere of what I call the “athlete’s religion”.  It is a religion of clichés like “giving one hundred ten percent”, “going for the gold”, and “working harder than the next guy”.  Although the definition of cliché means a trite, stereotyped expression, in my house those clichés hold meaning and should be followed and respected.  My dad would lecture my sister and me about the value of hard work, that he always gave a little bit more than his teammates and that alone kept him in the game for so long.  Now that my dad coaches, his perspective has changed and now he teaches us that coaches respect the athletes who give a consistent effort.  As a young athlete and student, the message of being the hardest worker made a huge impression on me.  I take all of the dad-isms and apply them to my athletic and especially academic endeavors.  I believe that the primary reason I excel as a student and as an athlete come from my family’s core value of hard work and high expectations of nothing less than success. 

                Passion represents the second important aspect of the athlete’s religion in my household.  My father lives an enviable life, because he made a career of hockey, a sport he loves.  He has passed his passion for athletics down to me, and although I do not play hockey, I have found a passion of my own in swimming.  Instead of the frozen pond I prefer the cool, liquid of the pool.  I think about bottling pool water when I am older so I can still smell like chlorine everyday.  Even during the hardest practices or the most disappointing races, my passion remains unwavering and pure.  I also translate my passionate personality into the classroom, a place where I thrive. I enjoy the learning process, the challenges from my teachers and classmates, and the infinite opportunities for discovery.  My passion at the pool, at school, and in life allows me to enjoy every opportunity I have, and for that I am as lucky and enviable as my father.

My athlete’s religion applies to every aspect of my life, my competitive nature, my passion, my diligence, and my goals.  I appreciate my father’s hockey and attitude about success, which has created my own attitudes about life.  The Stanley Cup has my father’s name engraved on it for eternity, and my father has also engraved his philosophies in my mind for my lifetime.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Training Recap: Week of March 16

Last week was all over the place and I struggled a bit with consistency and sticking to the plan.  In some ways that was good, and due to fun things like going for a nice long run with Coach Dave and Jenn.  In other ways that was due to un-fun things.  Overall, I've been sticking to the plan to work on bringing the happy back and to take care of myself.

Monday:  Up for my Monday morning Brick.  I spent about an hour on the bike with two blocks of Z3-4 riding for 20 minutes.  Then I laced up my running shoes for a 5 mile run.  It was exactly what I needed.  Running through the Arboretum was so peaceful, with only the sound of crunching snow to accompany me.  The time change has meant that I get to see the sunrise on my morning runs, and I like that.  A great way to start the day.

Tuesday: A nice, long-ish swim, 4600m, to kick off the day.  We did another set of 24x100, this time 4x100 with descending intervals of 1:35, 1:30, 1:25, twice through.  It felt easier than the 24x100 the previous week.

Wednesday:  I met up with Jenn and Coach Dave for a ~15k run (8:15 average pace).  It was a beautiful night with great company.  I struggled with some GI issues in the first half of the run, but my stomach finally settled and things became much more enjoyable.  It was a good reminder though that my nutrition choices matter a lot and that I need to take time to make sure I'm fueling my body properly.

Thursday:  Turned into a rest day.  I had originally had a ride planned for Wednesday and was hoping to switch it out for Thursday, but coach said to just rest instead.  You know it is a good sign when you're at the point where you are sad to miss your bike workout, because you feel like you're making progress and actually really enjoy biking, even if that means spending time on the trainer! Woo! The rest felt great in the end though.

Friday:  Good intentions, but when I woke up to swim, I felt horrible.  It was that time and I had the absolute worst cramps ever, plus a headache and lots of muscle soreness. I crawled back in bed instead of heading to the pool.

Saturday: An awesome track workout! I felt great (maybe since I'd had two days off haha), and was hitting my paces like I actually knew what I was doing.  The workout was 4x1 mile at 10k pace with 2.5 minutes rest between.  My pace was right on the whole time and I felt really relaxed and confident.

Sunday: I took a barre class.  After teaching Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I felt like I wanted a turn to burn and shake.  It was a good class, followed up with a delicious lunch at the new Pure Kitchen (owned by the yoga studio I used to go to) with Gilly! We had a great time catching up. I'll definitely go back to the restaurant too, yummy!  In the evening, my roommate's boyfriend cleared the snow away so we could have a BBQ.  I made a tasty sweet potato and cauliflower salad.  Recipe is posted on K&K Test Kitchen.

And another exciting part of the week was the release of the "sneak preview" of the Summer 2015 lines that will be available at Sports Experts, a Canadian sporting goods chain. I got to play "runner model" for a few days and wear all the new summer running clothes.  All of the models are real athletes, and I got to work with some track athletes and another triathlete.  It was a lot of fun, so it's cool to finally see some of the results of our "work." I appear a few times, wearing pink both times, from the 1:02-1:06 mark and the 1:22-1:25 mark.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Equality in Sport: 50 Women to Kona

Let's talk about fairness and equality today.

I'm not an Ironwoman.  And I'm certainly not a professional triathlete. But, I am a woman. And I was once a little girl, who looked up to female athletes and was inspired by their hard work, determination, dedication, grace, humility, athleticism, leadership, passion, and love for sport.

Since becoming a triathlete, I've been inspired by the likes of long-distance triathletes like Chrissie and Mirinda... but also by other pro-women, like Alyssa Godesky, one of my former high school classmates who is just starting her second year as a professional triathlete.  And I think that these women deserve a chance at the "big show" in Kona.  I think these women deserve every opportunity to succeed and chase their dreams.  I think these women are probably inspiring a whole lot of women all over the world to do the same.

So... that brings us to 50 Women to Kona.  There has been a lot said about this issue and the fact that the Ironman brand has not seemed to even budge.  Many people more familiar with it have put words down that are much more eloquent than any I can write, and I would encourage you to read a few of them:

The International Women's Day Call to Action on Witsup

Sara Gross has a number of posts on her blog: http://saragross.blogspot.ca/

From Coeur Sports (my team): Part 1 and Part 2

Some examples of previous instances of equality in the sport: http://www.witsup.com/maintaining-our-tradition-of-equality/

The jist is that women currently do not have as many professional spots as men do at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii and the 70.3 World Championship.  There are 50 spots for professional men and only 35 for professional women.  The organizers have been repeatedly asked both publicly and privately to increase the number of spots for women, and have not done so.  There are discussions about "proportionality" and that if there were more female triathletes, there would be more spots for pro-women.  But why have a "wait and see" approach and hope that more women will join the sport?  Why not just make the number of spots equal and show that the Ironman brand supports and encourages the participation of women in the sport? Why not just do it now??

You can join the 50 Women to Kona Facebook page


Read / Sign the Open letter to Women for Tri Board.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekly Training Recap: Week of March 9

The week started out great and then slowly petered out to a horrible finish. I'll just sort of leave it at that, but I do feel like I have to #keepitreal around here.  Sometimes life is not sunshine and rainbows, and that's how the week ended.  Working on taking care of myself and my happiness.  Training should help with that, since it will hopefully help me stay focused this week.

Monday: Not quite a brick to start the week off. I had a long ride on the bike (1:40), and I didn't wake up early enough to get my run in too, so I had to save it for later in the day before teaching my barre classes.  Then my Garmin refused to work, so I didn't really know how far or how long I had been out running (no pockets because it was warm meant no phone either).  Sometimes it is nice to run technology free!

Tuesday: Up early for a swim.  There were rumours that we were doing a 1500 time trial last week, but it didn't end up happening on either of my swim days.  Part of me wanted to do it, to see where I was, but part of me was quite happy to not have to do it hah! Instead we did a few fast 100s, and I felt great!

Wednesday: Gorgeous morning for a nice, easy run! The evening brought another trainer workout - this time with Tabata intervals, which actually made the time fly!  And a strength workout with my OTC family. First time hydrating with Osmo Active Hydration for Women too! Love this stuff. Subtle flavour and I woke up feeling well hydrated on Thursday morning (usually wake up slightly dehydrated after my long day of workouts on Wednesday). #womenarenotsmallmen

Thursday:  A snowshoe run to enjoy the last bits (hopefully) of winter in Gatineau Park. It was a lot harder than I expected, since I picked a fairly steep hill.  The way down was great though!  A few extra k's without the snowshoes to finish it off and enjoy the sunset over the lake.

Friday:  I made it to both swims! And no time trial again, which was a relief because my body and brain were not having it.  It wasn't that I was tired, I just couldn't quite pick the pace up and swim fast.

Saturday:  The track was closed and we had freezing rain all day, so I opted to wait to do my track workout.  I should have just done it though and gotten it out of the way.

Sunday:  Not a good day. Sometimes a run is exactly what I need to clear my head when I am sad or stressed out, but I couldn't even muster the energy to do that.  So another rest day and no track workout for the week.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Inspiration: Sindy Hooper, Marathoners Gone Viral and Voices of Experience

As mentioned in my recap from last week, I attended a very inspirational event at the Ottawa Hospital last Saturday night. The event was called "Voices of Experience: An Evening with Ottawa's Fab Four," and it benefitted the incredible research of Dr. John Bell of the Ottawa Hospital.  Dr. Bell is researching the use of viruses to treat (and maybe even cure) cancer.  The evening's hostess and emcee was Sindy Hooper, a hugely inspirational woman and member of Ottawa's triathlon/running community.  Sindy has been battling pancreatic cancer for 26 months and she formed Marathoners Gone Viral (MGV) to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer and to raise money for Dr. Bell's research.

I wanted to share a bit more about Sindy, MGV, and the evening with you.  When you come across something like this, it is hard not to share.  This word, "inspired" doesn't quite fully capture it, but I'll say it again, I was truly inspired by the evening.  Listening to Sindy's story of her perseverance, grace, good humour, and courage in the face of her battle with cancer.  Watching a clip from the upcoming "Vice Report" on the use of viruses to treat cancer, including Dr. Bell's work.  Hearing the tales of big races and expeditions across thousands of kilometres from the panellists.  Looking around the room at the people there listening to it all.  These things all will stick with me for a while and they've all encouraged me to continue to look for ways to give back to the community and to use athletics for good.

First, let's talk about Sindy...

One of the panellists, Ray Zahab, described Sindy as someone you just want to be around.  Having not really actually met Sindy until just before the end of the event, I already had that sense just from hearing her speak and experiencing the energy she carries with her.  She is truly a force.  I was brought to tears thinking that I had heard her speak a year before, and at that time, as she again mentioned during the evening, she was only thinking of the next 6 months of her life. Sindy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 26 months ago.  Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate of all the major cancers.  The average survival rate is only 6 months, 75% die within the first year of diagnosis, and the 5-year survival rate is only 6%. The survival rate for pancreatic cancer has made Sindy an outlier, by a lot. And not only has she survived, she is living her life to the fullest.  While she was undergoing chemotherapy, she completed Ironman Canada with her husband Jon (7 months after diagnosis).  She also ran a handful of running races during chemo and since.  Since the end of that treatment, she has completed several half Ironmans. This weekend, she will run a half marathon in Washington, D.C. with others from the MGV group.  She's hoping to go around 1:40 (you know, just a casual 1:40).  You can read more about Sindy's journey on her blog: Making Every Moment Count.

Marathoners Gone Viral

Sindy formed Marathoners Gone Viral in order to merge her passion for running, with her desire to raise awareness and funds for pancreatic cancer.  Since its inception, MGV has grown into a group of over 100 runners.  They will be running the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend Marathon on May 24, 2015 together.  Many will be running their first marathon.  Some became runners in order to join the group. Some are Boston Qualifiers.  All of them are working to raise $50,000 for Dr. Bell's research, while raising awareness for pancreatic cancer.  If you'd like donate to MGV, you can visit: https://secure.ohfoundation-fondationho.ca/registrant/TeamFundraisingPage.aspx?EventID=155664&LangPref=en-CA&TeamID=571809

Fab Four Panel

Ian Fraser, Rick Hellard, Ryan Grant, and Ray Zahab made up the panel.  Ian, Rick and Ryan are all former professional triathletes.  Ray is an ultrarunner and expeditioner.  The panellists shared their thoughts on a wide range of topics related to running, marathons in particular, life, triathlon, motivation, work-life-athletics balance, and living life to its fullest. The focus of the evening was definitely on preparing for a marathon, but the conversation was broad and full of advice for all types of endurance athletes.  They talked about the importance of nutrition, pacing, getting to the start line injury-free, and most importantly having fun!  Hearing about Ray and Ryan's adventure running over 1,000 kilometres across Patagonia for impossible2possible was definitely a highlight.

It was a really great evening, which included spending time with some great friends, and it definitely left me thinking about my own life and the ways that I can contribute to the community. I'll be running the 10k at Race Weekend, by the way! While I may not be an MGV member or a marathoner yet, you can bet I'll be out cheering for them all on race day!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of March 2

Last week I wrote about motivation and I am happy to report that I'm feeling it this week.  Sunny, warm days and a solid TT from last week are really helping and making me excited for spring!  Plus chats with amazing friends over the weekend and an inspiring evening with some of Ottawa's top triathletes, ultrarunners, and the kickass Sindy Hooper have my heart full and happy to have found such a wonderful community to call home.

Monday:  Morning brick.  The brick has become a staple in my training plan to start my week.  Last week it was a 1:20 bike and a 30 minute run. The bike portion was a bunch of tough Z5 intervals, and the run was awesome on a lovely, "warm" March morning.

Tuesday: Swim practice, bright and early. I did 4200m with a main set of 16x (100 easy on 1:40 and 75 at 1500m race pace on 1:05).

Ottawa has amazing paths for running. Check out the skaters on the Canal too, in March!

Wednesday: Got in a run during work on an absolutely gorgeous day.  I loved every second of this run along the Canal and down by Parliament.  The sun was shining and my spirits were high.  In the evening, I tried out aero for the first time!  Jenn lent me her old aero bars and I figured I should try them out at last.  My workout was a long, grinding one with long, hard intervals at 70 RPM.  Then I went to meet my HPS crew for the strength portion of the workout.  We have a new circuit this week and my core was on fire all day Thursday because of it! Good stuff!

Thursday:  Some unfortunate events led to my car being blocked in, so I ran to teach barre class at 6 am and ran home.  It's 2 miles total, but boy was it a super cold two miles.  As beautiful as Wednesday was, Thursday was certainly back to feeling like winter! Brrr!  Then I ended up crashing and leaving work early.  My stomach was not happy with me and I felt like I had a fever all day, so I went home and took a 2.5 hour nap. What is it with getting sick on Thursdays?  Probably has something to do with my rest and nutrition earlier in the week.  Working hard to not get sick this week again.  Since I was sick, I decided to start reading Chrissie Wellington's book for a little bit of motivation!

Friday: Slept in, but still got a swim in later in the day.  I went straight from work to the pool for a quick 2000m swim before heading off to watch the boy do the CrossFit Open 15.2 workout. Delicious pizza dinner to fuel up for Saturday's TT.

Saturday: Time Trial!! Coach has me doing a time trial at track about once per month. This time around it was a 3k and I had been shaking in my running shoes all week in anticipation of it.  Luckily Jenn and Colin volunteered to do it with me!  We did our warm-up, drills, hurdles, and strides and then it was time for 7.5 laps of the track.  Jenn and I are usually pretty close, so it was great to be able to run with her.  We all took it out pretty fast (3:41) on the first kilometer and then Jenn and I "settled" (aka dropped back) into the pace I had planned on running (3:59 and 3:54 for the next 2k).  Final time was 11:34 and I was quite happy with it for my first time doing a 3k. One of the things that I need to learn is how to go to that red line and push through the pain, and I felt that I successfully pushed myself on Saturday.

Saturday evening was a great one.  We had a group of triathlon friends over for appetizers, and then we all went to the Marathoners Gone Viral fundraiser pro-panel in support of Dr. John Bell’s oncolytic virus research at The Ottawa Hospital.  It was so inspiring!  I'll write a bit more about this event and MGV later this week, since I definitely want to share more about the evening and the amazing Sindy Hooper. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about Marathoners Gone Viral, see Sindy's blog or donate here!

Post TT treat from Suzy Q, plus an Americano from fave bike shop Cyclelogik on Saturday morning!
Sunday: Rest day.  I was bummed to miss the Yoga for Runners workshop, but apparently I had volunteered to pick up some classes at the barre studio. I enjoyed a nice leisurely brunch though and coffee with friends post barre (for me) and yoga (for them).

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Digging Deep: Finding Motivation in the Depths of Winter

The road to race season feels preeeeetty long.

At this time of year, with winter still lingering and race season still far in the distant future, it can be hard to stay motivated.  My body is tired.  My mind is tired.  Everything is tired.  I've been training now for about 3 months, and I still have 2.5 months until my first big race.  I'm itching for a race, or something to pull me back on track, to hone my focus, so I have dug deep and found a few ways to stay motivated.

This quote: "Run the mile you are in." I'm not sure if it's actually from Lauren Fleshman (aka Fleshman Flyer), but it was posted on the Picky Bars Instagram page as her favorite quote, so I'm attributing it to her here. I like this quote a lot.  So much so that I wrote it on a post-it note so I would always see it.

Reading race reports.  The other day I read a few race reports from Katie and Jen, the Hippie Triathlete about the Desert Triathlon they did last weekend, which helped to fuel my fire.  These girls are quick and I hope to one day tri as fast as them. (I also seriously contemplated picking up everything and moving to Southern California, but a long harsh winter would do that to anyone.) 

Watching motivational videos.  One of the girls from the triathlon club reminded us about the Triathlon Live pass for streaming past and future ITU races.  With WTS Abu Dhabi this weekend, I'm excited to see how the athletes do.  I'm a pretty big Gwen Jorgensen fan girl, especially after watching her crush everyone on the run in Chicago.  Watching her run is pretty magical and inspiring.

Checking in on my goals.  The start of a new month is always a great time to review your goals.  So I'm sitting down with my 2015 goals and giving myself an honest review of how I'm doing so far. And to be honest, I could be doing better.  Missed workouts, not enough rest, and off track nutrition at various points over the past 3 months are areas where I can improve going forward.  The past is the past, but I still have lots of training ahead of me.  Rather than worrying about what's happened so far, I'm more motivated to stick to the plan and work hard going forward.

Time Trials. Coach has me down for a 3k time trial on Saturday at the track. I'll be honest, I'm pretty scared for it.  A 3k is short, hard, and ought to be fast. One thing that I need to learn is how to just push to that red line, so I'm going to try my best on Saturday.

New challenges.  Learning something new is a great way to stay motivated.  I'm pretty excited now that I've at least figured out what to do (doing it is another thing) when I'm skate skiing.  And it is actually making me not hate that spring isn't quite here yet, since it gives me more time to practice.  Finding a new challenge keeps things fresh and puts us in a place where we can see progress and improvement.  While it may not be directly related to my triathlon goals, it is keeping things fun and adding to my overall fitness.  For your entertainment... a video of me attempting to ski.  Luckily, I figured things out a bit after this and have progressed to looking like I know what I'm doing a tiny bit more.  Oh and luckily, you can't hear what I'm saying...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of February 23

Some solid bike and run workouts in the books last week. No swims and a sick day though kept it from being a "great" week of training.  I am happy to report that putting my fears aside and enjoying the learning process has helped me to get closer to "getting it" on my skate skiing!  I'm pretty excited and it almost makes me want to keep winter around a little bit longer so I can keep practicing. *Almost* haha!

Monday: First brick of the season.  Spent 70 minutes on the bike and ran for an easy 30 minutes.  It was a super cold morning, but I got it done! Check out those frosted eyelashes!

Tuesday: Not resting on the weekend caught up to me on Tuesday.  I was exhausted, so I didn't end up waking up for my swim.  In the evening, I went to a Power Vinyasa class. It was challenging, but felt amazing.

Wednesday: An early evening run along the canal for an easy 30 minutes. Then I went off to my spin class with OTC. We did a longer bike ride than usual, spending 80 minutes doing a fairly tough profile ride with climbs, attacks, and time trial sections.  I opted to go home early instead of sticking around for the strength portion of the class.

Thursday: Sick day.  Starting on Wednesday afternoon, I had been feeling pretty nauseous, and that continued into Thursday and was accompanied by a pretty wicked headache and slight fever.  So I stayed home from work and slept most of the day.  By the evening I was starting to feel better, so I was able to help out at the OTC swim clinic.  We had a lot of fun working on improving technique and confidence in the water with our group!

Friday:  Still feeling a bit under the weather, so I again skipped my morning swim.  I didn't want to risk having the sickness linger any longer than necessary, and I'm glad I made that call.  I did wake up and do a strength circuit in the morning before work though.  In the evening, we got dressed up to go to the Nature Museum for Nature Nocturne.

Saturday:  Slept in instead of going to track, then taught my two barre classes.  After barre, we went out skate skiing again and I finally started to get it!  The rhythm started to click and it felt so much easier and more enjoyable!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day too. Thanks again Dave for your help!  After skiing, I still had to get my track workout done.  I went out and ran outside on a relatively flat section of road.  The workout was killer.  I thought I might puke at one point, it was so hard.  Main set was 2k at tempo/10k pace, 800m at 3k pace, 2k at tempo/10k pace continuous, no rest. Very mentally challenging, especially since my section of road had a headwind for part of it!  Glad to be done that workout.

Before I got it. Drills with no poles. Just call me Bambi.

Sunday: Rest day. I did take a barre class though, since we have a bunch of new girls training and one of them had her mock class. She did great and it was fun to support her!  I also made some amazing pancakes for breakfast.  Mix together 1 cup whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup oats, 2 teaspoons baking powder, generous shake of cinnamon, dash of salt, and 2 tablespoons chia seeds.  Then whisk together 1 cup milk and 1 egg, then add 2 tablespoons sugar (we didn't have brown sugar, but use brown if you have it), 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt.  Add the dry mixture to the wet, and stir until just combined. Try not to overstir!  Heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a large skillet, then drop the mixture onto the hot skillet using 1/4 cup scoops.  Cook until edges look dry and bubbles rise to surface of the mixture.  Flip to finish cooking.  Add more coconut oil to cook the rest.