Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Training and Life Recap: January 5

Another week in the books and what I will call the first week of the season. We were back to training with our OTC group and I'm so happy about it! Overall it wasn't a stellar week, but there were some good parts (like track on Saturday).  And despite losing my phone in the snow, I have decided I really like snowshoe running!  No pictures this week given indoor workouts and no phone from Thursday onward...

Monday: An easy run (50 minutes / 5.6 miles) and a yoga class to start the week off right! It was absolutely freezing on Monday (-22F with the windchill), so I opted (begrudgingly) for a treadmill run.  It was my first run on the mill in a while and the first time running with music in over a year.  Thank goodness for Songza and 90's jams.

Tuesday: I was exhausted, so slept in rather than going to swimming. I kept telling myself that I would swim on my own in the evening, but after a rather rough day, I went home to watch the Mindy Project after teaching my barre classes instead.  So, a rest day.

Wednesday: Tempo run in the morning (2x10 minutes at tempo), again indoors (only -11F haha) with half on the treadmill and half on the tiny indoor track at the university (230m).  In the evening, I was reunited with my HPS family!  We did a 20 minute step test during our hour on the bike, then about 45 minutes of strength work. It was so nice to see my friends and to meet the new people in our group. Looking forward to training with everyone again!

Thursday:  My very first snowshoe run!  It was pretty awesome and simultaneously more and less challenging than I expected it to be.  The evening was cold, but quite pretty and the woods were pretty magical.  Unfortunately, I realized that my (brand new) phone had fallen out of my pocket somewhere during the last kilometer+ of my run.

Friday: An unexpected rest day. I skipped my swim in the morning so that I could retrace my steps from the night before during the daylight before work.  Unfortunately it had snowed quite a bit over night and my tracks were covered. 

Saturday: Great track practice! We did drills, hurdles, and strides as usual.  Then I did a main set of 3x(4x400 at 3k pace) with 45s between 400s and 4 minutes rest between sets.  It was so nice to have Jenn at practice. We pushed each other, but also kept each other relaxed and held back when necessary.  Overall, the workout felt really good. Nice and relaxed, but pretty fast!  Yoga in the afternoon was a necessity for my tired body.  The evening consisted of watching the University of Ottawa vs. Carleton men's basketball game and the Seahawks win their playoff game!!

Sunday:  A blissful flow yoga class to end the week!


  1. That is SUCH a bummer that you lost your phone. Dang. Have you been able to get back out there to look for it? I can't imagine, even if you did find it, that it still works after being covered in snow for a few days. Hopefully the snowshoe run was at least fun? I have never used snowshoes while running - what did you think? Will you do it again or do you prefer to run without them? SOOO excited for the Seahawks. This game this weekend is going to be epic!

    1. Haha yea it was a bummer! Luckily I had insurance. I went immediately to look for it, then again the next morning, but no luck. The temps have been too cold for anything to melt, so it's doubtful that it would turn up before spring. But I LOVED snowshoe running! It was really fun and I am excited to continue it. The nice thing about it is that you don't really have to change much (maybe widen your stride a bit). And yes, so pumped for this weekend's Seahawks game!!

  2. Still a great week (except for your phone). Sometimes taking a rest day is better than working out anyway!! :) Looks like lots of great runs too!!