Monday, January 26, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of January 19

Another week of training in the books.  Last week's focus was taking it easy and holding back, staying focused on the aerobic part of my runs, etc.  So that's what I tried to do, just keep things nice and easy.  It has definitely been a huge adjustment to my mindset to embrace "easy," but I think it has been really good for me.  There were a few reminders last week that we have to be kind to our bodies and give them lots of rest and proper nutrition, so we don't get too run down and physically and mentally stressed out.  So I'm keeping those in mind for myself.

Monday:  My new schedule at barre has me teaching on Monday nights, so my Monday workout HAS to be in the morning now.  So I was up for a 70 minute easy run in the snow.  It was nice to get it done in the morning, but I definitely need to work on waking up earlier so I am not as rushed heading to work!

Tuesday: Morning swim practice - 3800m with a mentally challenging set of 100s (6x(3x100) with descending intervals).  It went better than the last time we did the set (the practice that prompted this post on my love/hate relationship with swimming). In the evening, I went to a yin yoga class.  It was so weird.  As it turns out, we hold our stress in our shoulders (and diaphragm which refers pain to the shoulder).  Well, we did a pose called "bowtie" and at first I was totally freaking out because my right shoulder was in severe pain, so I was worried that maybe I had an injury.  Then I started to cry and felt super anxious and stressed out.  That would be my stress "releasing," and my teacher was actually really excited that it was happening.  I was not, because I had so much snot in my nose that I couldn't actually breathe! Has that ever happened to you at a  yoga class? Apparently it is a thing!  Anyways, I know that I have been stressed lately, but I've decided to really just work on managing it better.

Wednesday: A busy day at work meant that I skipped my easy run.  In the evening, we had TTP with HPS.  We took a class photo and Dave brought us all mustaches to wear!  We always have fun as a group, and we push each other to work hard too! The workout was 3x10 minutes at high Z3 with bursts at high Z4/low Z5 starting at 30 seconds and working up to a minute. I took things a little easier since Mike told me to hold back a bit on my swims and bike workouts.  After our 70 minutes on the bike, we did our strength and conditioning circuit.

Thursday: A 50 minute easy run in the dark, cold, icy Ottawa winter evening.  The signs are right, "bridges freeze first,"  because the bridge to Quebec was super slick and slushy. Thursday was the day that I decided to re-focus on the positive and keep working on managing my stress.  The only way to get past obstacles in life is through action, and I took some steps to work on getting my head back on track.

Friday:  I did about 45 minutes of strength work, with a heavy focus on glute activation.  I skipped my swim in the morning since I had to take my car into the shop to have a leaking fuel line replaced.

Saturday: Track practice at the Dome. My main set was 5x1200 at Tempo with 45 seconds rest between.  The workout felt pretty good.  I had Colin take a video of my running after practice, so I could see my stride.  I've been really thinking about my running form a lot lately and was curious to see what was going on with it.  I think there are a few small adjustments that I can make and of course, continuing to strengthen my glutes and hips will be key to injury prevention and a nice strong run!

Sunday: Rest day!  This one felt well earned!


  1. Yin yoga is my absolutely favorite class! It's such a great complement to triathlon. I get a little anxious in class because you hold postures for so long, but it's good mental training :) Great week of workouts!

  2. Awesome week!! I have never heard of Yin yoga!! Crazy!!! What glute exercises do you do?

  3. Love that you're also Canadian, and that we're blog doppelgangers ("hippie" and "happy"), ha ha. I actually kinda miss running in the snow! (Sometimes.) :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean about rest and taking it easy at times. I felt so excited to jump into training mode the past month that I definitely went out a little too hard (and I’m just in base training) and felt a lot of extra fatigue these past two weeks. I’m continuously reminding myself that not every workout or week has to be a record breaker. Darn competitive mindset, haha. At least my body knows what is best and is helping me to slow down.

    I love your bright colors in the midst of all of that snow. Oh, and mustaches are a great addition to any trainer class. Well done - love that picture!