Monday, January 19, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of January 12

Two lessons from last week. 1) I need to go to bed earlier. 2) Margaritas on Friday night and 7:30am track practice on Saturday do not mix well.  So, I'm going to be a little bit more focused this week on rest and on taking care of my body so that I get the most out of my workouts.  Parts of the week were pretty rough, mentally, too, which partially inspired this post on body image.

Monday: Morning trainer ride.  I was on the bike for 1:30 and did a series of 2 and 1 minute efforts at Z5 or Z6.  I definitely felt like I was really putting in the effort, but my heart rate just wasn't responding the way it should have (maybe because I had so much rest between?) Anyways, doing intervals like that definitely makes the time pass much more quickly while on the trainer!

Tuesday: 3k time trial at swim practice.  What!?! Haha, it's been probably at least 15 years since I have swam 3k continuously without stopping (the last time would have been a 5k ocean swim at Ocean City, Maryland).  I had no idea what to expect or how fast to swim, but in the end was pretty happy with the result. It sets a good baseline at least, though it will be quite a while before I ever do a 3k swim in a race! Time was 41:07 (1:22 / 100m pace). Total distance for practice was 5000m.

Wednesday:  Week 2 of OTC High Performance training.  It's so nice to be back training with this group.  We did 3x5 minute blocks at Z4 varying our cadence for each.  Then we did 2x through our strength and conditioning circuit.

Thursday: I hit the canal for an evening progression run: 10 minute warmup, 10 minute build to marathon pace, 10 minutes at marathon pace (7:40/mile), and 15 minute cool down. It is so nice to run along the canal and watch the ice skaters. We are so lucky to have such amazing places to do outdoor activities in Ottawa!

Friday: After suboptimal sleep all week, my body refused to get out of bed for swim practice.  So I finally dragged myself up for a strength workout with kettlebells before I went off to work.  The evening brought a little too much "fun" and that definitely hurt the rest of my weekend's workouts.  That will probably be the last time I go out on the town on a Friday night until the fall!! Yikes!

Saturday:  Somehow, I managed to get up for track practice. Mostly because I promised Colin that I would drive us.  I made it through warm-up and drills, but ended up bailing on my actual workout.  My head was pounding and while I think I physically could have done at least part of the workout, it wouldn't have been smart of me.  And mentally, well it would have been a real struggle.  Jenn and Colin were fresh and ready to run, so I was going to be trailing behind them, wishing I was keeping up and cursing myself for those margaritas the night before. Seriously, last time I go out on a Friday night.

Sunday: To make up for missing my workout on Saturday, I decided to do it on Sunday morning.  Alone.  In the end I only did 5 of the 7 rounds, so my workout was 5x1k at 10k effort, with 30 seconds rest. I pushed the pace a little bit, but after 5 was still so cold that I decided I had enough.  After the run, I went to meet up with friends for coffee, then got to enjoy a CRAZY, nerve wracking, but amazing Seahawks win to take them back to the Super Bowl! It was so cool to watch their comeback and to just know that the team believed in its ability to get the job done. Also, I kind of love the Seahawks' "Why Not?" quote.  Why not try?!


  1. Great week!!! Great 3K TT. I did a 4K TT at a tri camp I went to last year. It is like how do you pace such a long swim!! But we always get through it right??!!! Way to make up that track work out even if you only did 5 of the 7 intervals. At least you went!!! :) That Seahawks game was crazy!!!

    1. Haha I actually got scolded by my coach for not taking my rest day and doing the track workout on Sunday. He said he preferred me to just take rest and not try to catch up with my workouts. Hahah oops! So hard to rest sometimes (especially since I felt like I had already taken a rest day on Saturday!)

  2. I love intervals on the trainer and I have found that music helps a lot. I set up play list with a really slow song (like Sarah McLaughlin) and then 1 or 2 fast songs (think Calvin Harris). Then I drop back to a slow song and so on. It is like 1 or 2 minute intervals with rest… but less clock driven and longer intervals. I just follow the music. I try to choose short songs for rest and longer songs for hard. 60 minutes of that and I am dead. But I find it easier and more fun than straight rides or than watching the clock the whole hour. (Just a thought & have a great day. aRunningOlive)

    1. That's a great idea. I've been using Songza workout playlists lately, and while they always have pretty fun music, I get distracted sometimes on the rest, since the songs are so upbeat (and today's workout was low RPM hard efforts, which also didn't work too well with the high BPM songs). Anyways, I'll give that a try! Thanks!