Monday, January 5, 2015

Training and Life Recap: Week of 12/29

Happy to say that I finished 2014 and started 2015 on a high note!  Last week was a great week of training, hanging out with friends, setting new goals, and fun.  I'm so excited now for 2015!

Monday: A 30 minute run break in the afternoon at work.  I have really enjoyed the change of scenery that has come with running at lunch.  My office is located so close to Parliament, the Ottawa River, and the Canal. It makes for a super scenic run.  And I was absolutely shocked to see that all the snow on the river pathway had melted!  The run was nice and easy to test out the psoas, and thankfully it didn't give me any issues. (Of course we had a ton of snow this weekend, so now everything is covered again!)

Tuesday: Swim practice was a bit later than usual, so I had to cut it short to get to work.  I did 2900m and have a feeling that I actually missed the hard set. Oops.

Wednesday: A nice 20 minute test on the trainer to finish off the year. I felt pretty strong and in control the whole time.  We had a really fun New Year's Eve party with tons of cute, Pinterest-worthy details thanks to my roommate.  The party theme was Vino Voyage and each partygoer brought a wine and appetizer/cheese to represent their chosen country.  A big success and fun way to ring in the new year!

Thursday:  Yoga at home since I went to the wrong yoga studio and didn't have time to make it to the right one. I found some videos on  YouTube and put my new yoga props to use.  Then I cleaned out my pantry, cleaned my room, and cooked a ton of food. A very productive start to the new year!

Friday: Since swimming started late again, I decided to just swim on my own.  I went out to one of the newer pools in town and did 3200m on my own.  It felt pretty good and I enjoyed it (gasp!).  I did 15x100, descend 1-3 for my main set in honor of 2015.

Saturday: Track practice at the dome.  Set was 4x(800 at marathon pace/800 at 10k pace). I was supposed to do 5x through, but was totally struggling at the halfway point... which we later realized was because I was actually doing my 5k pace instead of 10k.  The 3rd and 4th rounds, I did at 10k pace, but of course was getting down on myself since I thought I was slowing down, when in reality that was the pace I was supposed to run the whole time. All in all, it was a solid workout.  Mike and I had a good chat too about how a workout like that was good for my mental toughness.  In the afternoon, I enjoyed my first yoga class in a while and it was a tough, sweaty one!

Sunday: Rest day!


  1. What is your smiley face wristband? I have been asking around lately to various swimmers – do you use any product or special shampoo/conditioner before or after you swim (to battle the chlorine)? Just curious.

    Love the vino voyage theme for a party. I might have to steal that one. Wine + Cheese = Heaven

    1. I use TRISWIM shampoo and conditioner, Kristen… it works great! I put a smidge of conditioner in before swimming, too, to help protect it.

      Solid week of workouts, Kelsey! Love your running route by Parliament!

    2. The wristband was to show that I had paid to go swimming at the city pool! I liked having it as a reminder to smile during my swim!

      Good call on TRISWIM, Erin. It's time to get some better stuff for my hair, since I've just been using regular shampoo (though I normally use a good, natural one.) I found that doing a coconut oil treatment on my hair really helped combat the dryness I experience too.

    3. Thanks for the recommendations, ladies! I will definitely check out TRISWIM.

  2. Great week and good start of the year!!