Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goals for 2015

The past two years have really helped me find myself and figure out how to be happy.  One of my favorite definitions of happiness is: the joy that we feel striving for our potential.  That is probably why triathlon brings me so much happiness. There is something about setting goals and then putting in the work required to achieve them that really sets my soul on fire.  In triathlon and in life, having goals to work toward makes things better.  And of course, the journey itself is usually the biggest reward.  We learn so much about ourselves when we go outside of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves in new ways.  If we can find a way to make that fun and to embrace the victories and the failures (which are just learning experiences), then we are truly lucky.

While I continuously set goals all throughout the year, I like to start out with the big, primary goals.  The rest of the year I break those goals down into manageable chunks, always building toward the big stuff.

First, a quick review of my 2014 goals:

Swim:  Increase speed and work on open water technique (<12 minutes for 750m)

My speed got a little bit faster and I became more confident with the open water through regular swims at Meech Lake during the summer. (Swims were roughly 11:30 pretty consistently throughout the summer.)

Bike: Increase confidence and control, work on speed and maintaining pace over the course, learn proper bike maintenance. (<37 minutes for 20k)

Thanks to my coach Dave, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone on the bike and learned a lot about bike handling with confidence through our Monday night rides and Dave's patience.  I also took a bike maintenance course with Cycle Chicks and learned how to change a tire! (Fastest bike split was 35:29.)

Run: Increase speed and endurance, focus on learning how pace feels and stay injury free. (<22 minutes for 5k in a sprint tri)

I PR'd the 5k, 10k and did my first half marathon!  I started to learn how pace feels, but I still have to rely on my watch a bit too much.  I experienced my first injury, but luckily it was at the end of the season. (Fastest in race 5k was 23:15.)

Other:  Increase overall and functional strength, stay focused on nutrition

I lost my focus on both strength training and nutrition as the season progressed and both totally fell off the wagon in the off season.  This will be something to work on again in 2015!

Now, for 2015:

The big one:  Win my age group at Worlds.

- Bring consistency to my training week in and week out
- Trust my coach and communicate effectively to make the plan work
- Remember that rest and recovery are important (September is a long ways away!)
- Focus on nutrition
- Build in several test races to measure progress throughout the season
- Learn how to transition like a pro
- Use yoga and meditation to build mental focus
- Work towards swim, bike, and run specific goals (see below)

Swim: Love swimming (here is how, too.)

- Consistency will be key.  Showing up at the pool is the most important thing.
- Time goal: <10:30 for 750m

Bike: Enjoy biking with confidence

- Ride frequently
- Keep a positive attitude and don't be afraid (to go fast, to fall, to fail, to keep trying)
- Push hard 2x per week on the bike (and figure out what it feels like to push hard!)
- Go on group rides with stronger cyclists
- Learn more about my bike
- Strength train and functional movement 2x per week
- Time goal: <32:00 on Chicago course

Run: Go fast

I find that I'm still trying to figure out what my body is capable of and what it truly feels like to go fast and to get to that point where I have nothing left in the tank.  In Chicago, I will need to leave it all out on the course and know that I had nothing left to give.

- Consistency at track practice
- Build in road races to test myself and get used to racing
- Increase frequency of bricks as the season progresses
- Run slow to go fast
- Time goal: <21:00 for in tri 5k / <20:00 for stand-alone 5k / <42:00 for stand-alone 10k

Finally, my words for 2015:  Believe. Patience. Consistency. Heart. Courage.

After an amazing, fun, fulfilling 2014, I'm ready to have even more fun, meet more amazing people, and challenge myself further in 2015. Let's do it!


  1. Love your words for 2015! Believe is one of mine (again), too :) And, awesome goals! You're going to have a fantastic year!

  2. Awesome year and great goals!! I think patience is a great word. You have to be patient with training. Yes September is a long ways away!!! :) Happy 2015!! Wishing you lots of fast miles!!