Friday, January 16, 2015

Favorite Recipes

Some of you may be aware that in addition to my love of triathlons, I also love to cook!  As a follow up to my body image post, I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes for getting back on track with my nutrition. These are pretty much all from my food blog! 

Fueling your body with wholesome, delicious food is so important when you're putting your body through the stress and rigours of your training regime. It can be tempting to just grab whatever, especially when you're starving after a tough workout, but I'm trying to get better at prepping, so that I have stuff on hand and ready to eat when I am.  Getting plenty of protein, complex carbohydrates,  lots of veggies, and healthy fats, while being sure to stay well hydrated is how I like to roll.  If it tastes good, that is even better. The best thing is that I find that when I am fueling my body properly, I start to feel better - my performance improves, my mood improves, my skin glows, etc.  Remember that what you put into your body is key to your body's performance.


- Smoothies: Green Goodness, Beach Babe, Carrot Cake Crunch Bowl
- Overnight Oats: Chocolate Strawberry or Tropical
- Protein Pancakes
- Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Salad


- Mini Frittatas: Spinach and Mushroom or Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper
- Homemade Dips: Kale and Spinach Greek Yogurt Dip, White Bean and Roasted Garlic Hummus
- Homemade Granola: Banana Bread or Peanut Butter (serve with plain Greek yogurt)
- Homemade Bars: Apricot Almond ("Kind") Bars or Homemade Lara Bars
- Muffins: Coco-Kale Banana Muffins

Main Dishes (Lunch or Dinner):

- The Big Bowl of Goodness
- Thai Kale Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing
- Roasted Butternut Squash Soup
- Chicken with Potatoes, Bacon, and Swiss Chard
- Flank Steak with Tomatoes and Basil
- Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad
- Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette
- Tone It Up Turkey Pumpkin Chili (I make this at least twice a month)


- Superfood Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding
- Peanut Butter Date Bites
- Black Bean Brownies


  1. great idea to get us motivate to fuel our bodies well!

  2. OHhh wow...thanks for some new ideas! The kale salad and quinoa, sweet potato, & black bean looks amazing!!!