Monday, December 8, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of December 1

How is it already December?!?! Seriously, when did that happen? Last week was pretty successful.  I got a coach (more about that later) and I figured out what was up with my psoas with the help of Jenn. I also made it to both of my swims!

Monday:  Tour de France - Stage 18: Gap to Alpe d'Huez, hills and more hills

Tuesday:  Morning swim was 4675m
600 warm-up
5x200 pull with paddles, descend 1-5
4x50 descend, 100 easy, 4x25 sprint
Main set: 3x (2x100 easy, 100 all-out, 2x100 easy, 75 all-out, 2x100 easy, 50 all-out)
200 cool-down
Strength session was 3 rounds of this stability workout

Wednesday:  A short 1.5 miles in the snow to test out my winter running shoes and to see how my psoas was feeling.  Shoes were awesome and psoas felt pretty good.  As  I mentioned in this post, I went to see my friend Jenn.  She is an Athletic Therapist and I think we've figured out what's up with my psoas! Woo!

Thursday:  Rest day.  The psoas was super tender from the release Jenn did and I was exhausted, so I napped instead of going to a spin class and yoga class as planned.  I taught the 6 am barre class too.

Friday:  Swim in the morning - 3450m.  Main set was 30x50 (2 easy, 1 all out). I held 33's on my 50s, so I was pretty happy with that consistency.

Saturday: Track practice and a flow yoga class. I did my best to not get caught up in the excitement of everyone else at track - they were doing a 3k time trial and I was wishing I was too. But instead, Mike had me do the smart thing and hold back.  My workout was 3x (800 at marathon pace, 800 at 10k pace) with no rest between 800s.  It felt good and my psoas didn't bother me until I stopped running, so that feels like progress. The evening brought the OTC end-of-year party and the M2M end-of-year party - both were lots of fun with new and familiar faces.

Sunday: Planned rest day.  I likely would have done something, but my new training plan has Sunday as my day of rest :)

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  1. Great week!! The swim work out on Tuesday sounds like a good one. I am always looking for new work outs so i might try that one on Sunday. (I won't do that much meterage but something along those lines!!) :)