Monday, December 29, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of December 22

Last week was an awesome week of training!  I felt great and I had two breakthrough sessions - a bike and a swim - where I felt so happy and invincible. The swim has been a struggle lately, but that swim made me really appreciate my body and my abilities.  The bike has always been a source of a little bit of anxiety, but the two bike rides I went on in Arizona were so awesome!!  Flying down a mountain with beautiful desert scenery and meeting super nice fellow cyclists made me appreciate how far I've come in the past 2 years and made me excited for continued growth on the bike.

Monday:  I still had my rental bike (Specialized Roubaix) from Arizona Outback Adventures until noon, so I took it out for one more spin on the hill from Sunday's ride.  It was one of the most enjoyable bike rides that I have done and I think the two days in the desert have actually made me love cycling!! That is a win in my book! In the afternoon, we went on a hike and I ran up the hill! It was steep (almost 13% grade).  I had to take a few rests on the way up, but it was really fun.

Sporting my Coeur Sports Fleet Foxes jersey!

I ran up that!
Tuesday:  OUTDOOR SWIM!!  We drove down to Tucson for the day and my family was kind enough to let me swim.  Like the bike ride, this swim was magical.  It was needed after the stress that swimming had brought me earlier in December.  Something about swimming outside in the sunshine in a bromine pool took me back to my days at Santa Clara Swim Club and made me really happy. After the swim, we had an awesome lunch and a nice little hike at Picacho Peak.

Wednesday:  A fun progression run for Christmas Eve (which was actually our Christmas).  I did 2x10 minutes with 5 minutes at marathon pace, 2.5 minutes at tempo pace, and 2.5 minutes at 10k pace.  The run felt good. I followed it with 2 rounds of a strength workout.

Thursday: Rest day for Christmas!

Friday: A long recovery run at sunset.  It has been a bit of a challenge to slow down and really do my recovery runs properly, but I keep reading about the benefits of having a significant gap between your hard and recovery paces, so I'm trying my best!

Saturday: Travel day home to Ottawa.

Sunday: I took a barre class, then I taught two.  After sitting on the plane all day on Saturday, my psoas was a little tender, so I skipped my run.  I also took some time in the evening to prep meals for the next week and work on my goal setting in my new Believe journal!


  1. Nothing better than some sunshiny outdoor cycling during the middle of winter, right?! I'm a firm believer in running slow to run fast… it's made a huge difference in my running the past year. Glad you had a lovely holiday week!

  2. Great work outs!! I bet that pool was amazing. I really want to move somewhere warm but I don't think it is ever going to happen! I need to win the lotto!! :)

  3. How did you like the Specialized bike in comparison to your bike? Isn’t it fun to rent bikes and explore new places (and test out awesome bikes)? When my husband and I went down to Cali last year, we rented bikes and explored wine country. It was a great way to see the countryside.

    It looks like you had such an incredible time and great week of training… in the SUN. next time though, I think you should come to Oregon. Preferably in the summer. ;)

    You are rockin' that Coeur kit, girlfriend!

    Random side note: I’m so glad you are on Bloglovin’ now.

    1. I liked the Roubaix. It was nice and light and handled well. I'm used to riding road bikes, since that is what I normally ride. The shifting was SRAM though instead of Shimano, so it took a little bit of getting used to. I was so happy to be able to rent a bike (and find a place that didn't care that I couldn't get my own pedals off my bike!).

      Also, I really do want to come out to Oregon! Maybe this summer actually!!