Monday, December 22, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of December 15

Greetings from sunny Arizona!

Monday:  Our final Tour de France spin class.  We had some climbs and a few sprints to the finish. Post-class we celebrated with holiday treats.

Tuesday:  My lingering cold kept me in bed in lieu of going to swim practice.  Instead I laced up for an easy 30 minute run down by the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal during my lunch break. For the first time in a long time, I wore my heart rate monitor (I sometimes wear it at track, but not often) during a run.  It's kind of fascinating to see whether my perceived exertion - heart rate - and pace are or are not aligned.

Wednesday: A final trainer ride before my holiday vacation.

Thursday: Travel day

Friday: Easy shake out run with a few strides in the desert to get ready for Saturday's 5k. Then we went on a nice family hike.

Saturday: 5k Jingle Bell Run with my mom! I was so proud of her for running the Mk whole thing and coming in at 32 minutes. She did great! I came in 2nd for women and had a new PB of 20:56.2!!

Sunday:  Nice long, outdoor (!!!) bike ride in the beautiful Arizona desert.  The local bike shop had an organized group ride, so I joined them for the sake of fun and safety. It was a really nice group and we had a gorgeous 24 mile ride in the desert! I rented a Specialized Roubaix from Arizona Outback Adventures and it was a nice, smooth ride.

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