Monday, December 1, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of November 24

Last week shall be forever known as the #workoutfail week.  There are really no excuses and there is no reason to dwell on it.  It's time to just move on and make this week awesome instead!

Monday: Wasn't feeling awesome, so I took a rest day.

Tuesday: Rest day. Taught two barre classes in the evening.  We got some photos back from a photo shoot we had done for the studio's new website and they were amazing. I'm so lucky to work with such beautiful inside and out people! Credit for the photos goes to Miv Photography. If you're Ottawa based, come meet us at the barre - iNSiDE Out Studio!

Wednesday: A quick 5k run at 7:22 pace out in the cold.  I was practicing "recruiting my glutes" throughout the run.  I love experimenting with making a mind-muscle connection to see how it changes my run speed or how my body feels during / before / after my run.  I'm hoping that improving my glute recruitment will help my psoas issue as well.

Ready for the cold!

Thursday:  I set up my bike trainer! It took me so long though that I had to go to my yoga class, and didn't actually have a chance to get on the bike.

Friday: Rest day... I set the wrong alarm clock and woke up after swimming had already ended. #fail

Saturday:  Track practice in the morning.  My psoas was bothering me a bit at the beginning of practice, so Mike had me do an easy 20 minute run instead of a main set.  Held approximately a 7:30-7:35 pace throughout the 20 minutes (going easy is hard sometimes when everyone else is doing a hard workout).  After track, I taught two barre classes, then made my way to a hot flow yoga class.

Sunday: Hot flow yoga class.

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