Monday, December 15, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of 12/8

Last week started out strong, but a lack of sleep and solid nutrition took me down on Friday and I spent the weekend fighting off a cold.  Remember that the season is long and if you are feeling down and out, take some time off now and rest.  It can be hard taking the rest we need, especially when we have fun and exciting training in our schedules, but it is totally necessary. I am feeling 100% better today (though my voice still makes it sound like I'm sick), and I'm excited to get back to training tonight. 

Monday: Hour long spin class at the OTC for stage 19 of the Tour de France (2013 version). Another night full of long climbs!

Tuesday: Swim - approx. 4000m with a main set of hard 100s on decreasing intervals (1:30, 1:25, 1:20).  I did about 40 minutes worth of strength and stability work after the swim.  After this practice, I posted my thoughts about swimming.  Just to confirm, I don't hate swimming. In fact, triathlon has helped me to really like swimming again. I just need to stay focused on the positive aspects of swimming and not be too hard on myself in the pool, to make sure that I continue to like swimming.
Wednesday:  First session on my indoor trainer of the year - 20 minute warm-up (z1 building to Z3), 10 minutes Z4, 5 minutes recovery, 10 minutes Z4, 15 minute cooldown. I pumped the Christmas tunes and actually really enjoyed this ride.

Thursday:  Beautiful, slow and easy run down by the Rideau Canal and Parliament Hill.  It felt great to get out at lunch and enjoy the fresh air.  I admit it is hard to hold back and go "easy" sometimes though.

Friday:  Woke up sick and decided that sleep was a better idea than a swim.

Saturday: Still just as sick, so I had to miss track practice.  I still taught my two barre classes and spent a lovely hour bundled up, walking through the snow at the Arboretum in the afternoon.

Sunday: Coach advised me to take one more day of rest to feel better. We had our annual book club cookie exchange in the evening and I made it out to the OTC swim meet to cheer on my teammates!  No swimming for me though this year.

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