Thursday, December 4, 2014

My First "Injury"

*Knock on wood*  Until this fall, I had never really been injured.  Yes, there was that time that I broke my finger playing floor hockey, and that totally sucked, but I didn't really like floor hockey anyways.  In my 11 year swimming career, I was fortunate to never have to deal with shoulder issues, which often plague swimmers, and I was terrible at breaststroke, so I didn't have knee problems either. 

The downside to never really being injured, is that I didn't really know how to deal with it when I felt what seemed to be an injury coming on in the fall during my half marathon training. As I ramped up my mileage for my half marathon training, I began to experience a dull pain in my lower right abdomen that sometimes extended down into my right groin.  This pain was most prominent during and after runs and when I did any sort of core work at barre or yoga class.  For a while, I kind of ignored it (not advised to ignore your body when it's trying to tell you something!).  After the half, I took some rest from running (as evidenced by my fairly lackluster training over the past month) and that seemed to help things.  Well, the second I started running again, the pain was back. 

So I finally went to see an Athletic Therapist (Jenn!) about it.  And I'm so glad that I did, because I had already self diagnosed the worst case scenario (lesson 2, don't try to self diagnose by reading horror stories on the internet!).  She determined that my femur was shifted forward on the right side, which meant that when I lifted my knee, the femur wasn't sliding back into the hip joint enough and was instead putting pressure on all the muscles along the front of the hip, including the psoas.  So, not the worst case scenario! Yay!  She moved my femur back into its home and then released the fascia along my right core, including the psoas (ouch!!!) and then she gave me some exercises to work on keeping the femur in place.

I definitely waited too long before seeing a professional, but I'm so glad that I finally did, because now I have some peace of mind and a path forward.  I highly recommend not waiting if you think you are injured at all.  Things are never as bad as they seem, but they will potentially get bad if you ignore them!

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  1. Completely agree… definitely don't wait to have a nagging pain looked at! I waited a month last winter to have my foot looked at, and it turned out to be a stress fracture (and I wore a boot for nearly three months!). Glad you went in and it's not the worst case scenario! Hope the exercises help and keep your femur in place!