Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly Training and Life Recap: Week of November 3

Well, I had a plan for last week, but my body and mind just were not ready to execute it. And that is okay!  Rest and recovery are so important for both our physical and mental health, and apparently I needed another week of rest.  Mentally, I lacked motivation last week.  BUT after an amazing weekend at the OTC Triathlon Coaching Clinic with triathlon LEGEND Scott Tinley, I can definitely say my motivation level is off the charts today. I will share a bit more later on the weekend and some of the things that I learned, but for now, I will just say it was awesome.

Monday:  After postponing my book club meeting, I was happy to make it to a barre class and a yin yoga class.  We introduced a new toy for the barre classes, and oh man, does it ever help you feel that burn and shake!

Tuesday: Despite my best intentions, I missed swimming yet again.  Taught two barre classes in the evening, so it became a rest day for me.

Wednesday:  Attempted my first run post half-marathon.  My psoas was not cooperating, so I turned home and only ended up running about 3/4 of a mile. I did a Tone It Up routine when I got home.

Thursday:  Taught a barre class in the morning.  (Rest day)

Friday: Yoga with Ichih.  It was a really lovely class and a great way to end the work week.

Saturday: We spent about an hour in the pool doing drills and learning about coaching new swimmers as part of the triathlon coaching clinic.  Happy to report that my psoas didn't bother me at all in the pool, so no excuses for this week's swim practices!

Sunday:  Trail running!! OMG, trail running is my new favorite thing.  It is terrifying and magical.  We had a great intro to the technique of trail running and a gorgeous day to play out in the woods on the Canadian National Championships Mountain Biking course.  I got to try out my New Balance winter trail running shoes, and they were amazing.  Later in the day we had a spin session led by professional cyclist Mike Woods.

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