Monday, November 24, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of November 17

There are 42 weeks until Worlds!  Yes, I counted yesterday.  My goal this week is to really figure out my plan for the season to make sure that I am well prepared for Worlds.  I did a little analysis of where I was in Chicago vs. where I want to finish at Worlds, so I now have a few very specific goals to work toward.  Now, I just need to figure out a plan on how to get there.

Last week's training was pretty good.  It was one of the busiest weeks so far during my "off-season" (though technically I'm now in my "base phase.")  The workouts felt great and I'm super excited especially about running right now. Over the weekend I also finally got a tire so I can set up my trainer and "pain cave"!  (I need to figure out how to take more pictures this week!)

I like to write my goals and post them where I can see them!

Monday:  Spin class at OTC.  Stage 14 and 15 of the Tour de France meant a huge climb!  Glutes were burning by the end of class.

Tuesday:  Early morning swim practice for 3800m.  Main set was 6x500m descending 1-3 with 40 seconds rest.  Followed the swim with a strength and stability session. 

Wednesday:  Rest Day

Thursday: A 5k run in the evening with Jenn and a Yin/Yang yoga class.

Friday: Strength and stability session in the morning and a barre class in the evening.  Now that I'm teaching barre, I often forget just how hard it can be!

Saturday: Track practice with Mike Woods and crew  at the Louis Riel Dome.  We did an awesome warm-up.  I've decided that I have to keep going back because I need to learn how to do hurdles and not feel like I'm flailing around like a fish out of water.  Main set for Jenn and me was 4x5 minutes at 10k pace (working on staying just at / under aerobic threshold), with one minute rest in between. We kept a pretty consistent pace throughout.  Overall it was a great workout and I'm excited to go back again this week!

Sunday:  A nice, easy 10k with friends followed by delicious coffee and great conversation.  The weather was so nice compared to the frigid temps that we have had and it was great to connect with some of my favorite training buddies.  In the afternoon, I had my hardest / sweatiest yoga class yet.  My legs were so tired and could barely hold me up through the class.  It was awesome!


  1. That is so awesome that you are already focusing on Worlds. You are a beast - I have no doubt you will get there and put in a good day of work! I like that you write out all of your goals on paper and keep it somewhere visible. I am always writing out my goals, little quotes, and reminders and placing them in various locations around our house.

    Out of the three sports, which would you say is your strongest leg and which needs the most work? (even though you kick butt at all three)

    1. Yea! I find that I am a very visual person, so the act of physically writing down my goals and having them visible is really helpful.

      The swim is my strongest for sure, I can do the same swim time and still do really well, but I'd like to ideally come out of the water first and then just hold on from there. Bike needs the most work, since that was my fastest all season. The run is pretty solid (Chicago was not my fastest run) and these new track practices will really help take things to the next level! I'm super excited!!