Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for Triathletes

If one thing is for certain, there is always something a triathlete may "need" for their sport, from big ticket items like a bike to the little things, like gels to keep them fueled.  Last year, as my first year as a triathlete, my entire wish list for the holidays was triathlon related... and well it is pretty much all triathlon related this year as well.  My mom even said I needed something "fun / non-triathlon related" on the list, and I had to say "triathlon is fun!" in response because I couldn't think of anything else that I might want.  Here are a few ideas based on some of my favorite things and what I have asked for this year or in the past.

1) Trigger Point Foam Roller - I love/hate my foam roller.  It is such an important tool for recovery and I always feel amazing after a rolling session.

2) Race Belt - A race belt is a necessity in my opinion. It makes the T-Zone a much easier place, especially for races that require you to wear your race bib on both the bike and run portion of the race.

3) Coeur Sports triathlon apparel - Coeur makes stylish and comfortable gear for running, cycling, and triathlon.  The Fleet Foxes print is my favorite.  All of the clothing is made in L.A. and the company is run by some amazing women.

4) Smart Wool Socks - Smart Wool socks are my favorite running socks.  They keep my feet dry and comfortable.

5) Zoot Ultra Tri Bag - I love my transition bag from Zoot that I got for my birthday last year.  It fits all of my gear, including my bike helmet, and has a special wet bag for my wetsuit. There is even a list on the inside to help you stay organized!

6) Believe Journal - After seeing this journal on Lauren Fleshman's Instagram and on a few other blogs, I quickly added it to my list.  I love writing my goals and my training plan out on paper and from what I've seen, this journal is perfect in every way. It also includes special chapters on topics like goal setting, nutrition, race preparation, with space to write race reports.

7) Podium Chill Water Bottle Quick Grip - I like carrying water with me when I run (and even when I race).  This bottle keeps the water nice and cold and the carrying strap has a zippered pouch for gels or your ID.

8) Road ID - Safety is always important, especially for triathletes who train on their own

9) Gels and other nutrition - A great stocking stuffer!  I love the Honey Stinger gels and fruit chews (although I eat them like they are candy).  They are made with natural ingredients and taste delicious!

10) Garmin Forerunner 920XT - This is a Cadillac of a multisport watch.  I have the 310XT and I dream about this version (especially since it matches my bike).  If you are a data freak and love to analyze your training and races, this is the watch for you.

Experiences and Feel Good Gifts

Race Entry Fees - Every triathlete loves to express their fitness, but racing gets expensive pretty quickly.  I put race fees on my list, and I will compete being so grateful for the person who gifted me the race.

Challenged Athletes Foundation Donation - The Challenged Athletes Foundation provides support  for the athletic endeavors of physically challenged athletes

Reflective Iron Ons to Support Imerman Angels - A great stocking stuffers for their favourite triathlete or outdoor winter enthusiast. Be safe, be seen and wear some high visibility ION reflective Iron Ons.  Use code BRENT2014

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  1. Great gift list! The new 910 is on my list, too ;) One of my Christmas gifts two years ago was my IM Canada race entry… best gift EVER. The memories from that trip will last far longer than any gear!