Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekly Training and Life Recap: Week of October 20

Last week was my last week of training for an event until January.  That's what I've told myself at least.  Between now and January, I get to train to get stronger and faster, but not for a specific event.  That will hopefully mean I get to relax a bit too and train without pressure.  Not that my last few weeks of training haven't been relaxed, haha! Anyways, I'm quite excited to say that my training resulted in an amazing first half marathon experience on Sunday!  More to come on that later this week!

Monday: Taught two barre classes in the evening.

Tuesday:  I made it to swimming!!! Woop!  I was so proud of myself for actually dragging myself out of bed.  I only stayed in the pool for 2600m and I dropped down a lane, but it's better than not going!  In the evening, I met some friends for a spinning class at one of my favorite local bike shops, Cyclelogik.  It was very evident that my bike fitness has dropped off with my lack of cycling lately. Time to get back on that! A very active day wrapped up with Power Yoga with Phil. We did some handstand practice again, and I think I'm finally starting to "get it."

Wednesday:  Our evening track practice was cancelled due to the tragic events in Ottawa, which locked down the entire downtown, including the school where we usually do track.  For me, running is a bit of a coping mechanism and therapy all wrapped into one, so after being sent home from work, I went to a different track to do my 3x800 at race pace.

Thursday: I taught barre at 6 am.  In the evening, I went to Pure Flow yoga with Phil.  He slowed things down quite a bit for us, which was nice and probably what my body needed.

Friday:  I got up before work to do my last training run of 3 miles at the farm.  I left my watch at home, though I did set up the Nike app, and I didn't really look at my time.  It was quite surprising to hear the app tell me my pace after the first mile.  The legs felt great for an average pace of 7:40.  We hit the road for Massachusetts around 1 pm.

The view from our hosts' house! So pretty!

Saturday:  After a delicious breakfast, the OTC crew went out for a 15-minute shake-out run.  It was a gorgeous day! We went into Boston in the afternoon for some sightseeing and cannoli from Mike's Pastry (pretty much the best thing ever).

Pre-race fuel?? Limoncello and Chocolate Ricotta Cannoli from Mike's

Sunday: Race Day!!! Stay tuned for a recap of my very first half marathon!


  1. I already know that you CRUSHED your half marathon, so I look forward to the race recap. It sounds like you did everything right in the days leading up to the race. That farm country is beautiful. Did you have nice weather for the race? I have yet to get back in the pool. Um, 2600m would be a REALLY long swim for me. You make it sound so effortless. Jealous!!

    1. Thanks Kristen! We had great weather for the race. And the farm in the picture is actually a few blocks from my house, right smack in the middle of the city of Ottawa. It is part of the Dept. of Agriculture. Pretty cool and a great place to run! Haha, as for swimming, we will see if I make it to practice tomorrow. It's been so hard to motivate myself to get to the pool, but I need to get into a routine before it gets too cold, otherwise I will never go!