Monday, October 20, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of October 13

One more week down in my half marathon training.  Despite how little I have been training (which really was the plan all along), I feel confident going into the weekend. We will be departing from Ottawa on Friday and hopefully have some time to tour Boston / Salem on Saturday. Race day is Sunday in Newburyport.  I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with some of my OTC pals!

So my training was a bit sporadic, a few things that were out of my control came up during the week, so I had to miss track practice on Wednesday for example. But my Tuesday night run left me feeling awesome! And I am still really enjoying my yoga practice.

Monday: A long day spent in the car driving home from New York City.

Tuesday:  Left the house with no real plan for my run. I wanted to do about 5 miles and I knew that I should probably try to do some of those miles at tempo. Well, I felt great! I ran the first mile at 7:26, then the middle 3 at 6:56, 7:06, 7:03, and finished with a mile cool-down.  Power Yoga at Pure Yoga after my run. It was probably the sweatiest that I have ever been. And Phil had me try a handstand. At first I told him "no way," but then he said to trust him and just try it.  Well, my philosophy of doing the things that scare you kicked in, so I went for it. Now I just want to practice my handstands haha!

Wednesday: Barre class. Had to skip track.

Thursday: Flow Yoga

Friday: 5k+ run with my friend Jenn.  It was super windy and neither of us were really feeling it, so rather than 10k, we did about 5, maybe a little more since neither of us turned our watches on for the whole run.

Saturday: Taught a barre class and then went to a flow yoga class.

Sunday:  Yoga meet-up for Karma Flow with some Tone It Up girls.  Loved the class and the energy of our teacher.  Then I went out for a nice 20k bike ride in Gatineau Park to admire the beauty of the changing fall colors with Jenn. It was a chilly one (40F), but it was so pretty and peaceful. Got to enjoy a delicious Spiced Pumpkin Pie CLIF Bar too thanks the lovely folks at CLIF Bar Canada.

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