Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of October 6

Not much to say about last week, except that my training is still mostly just running and yoga.  I did attempt to get up to go swim on Tuesday, but had some horrible stomach pains that kept me in bed. With a weekend of travel, I also had two extra rest days since I spent a large part of my day in the car! Now, I am on my last week of training before a short taper, so I'm going to work hard this week!

Monday: 11 mile run for my longest run ever.  It felt great until about 9 miles, when my stomach started to bug me a bit.  It was also pitch black by the time I got home, and I suppose that is what I get for trying to do my long run after work in the fall! I'm proud of myself and was very happy with my pacing (8:06/mile average).

Tuesday: Taught two barre classes, so a rest day.

Wednesday: Track (about 1/3 of the workout) and Yin Yoga.  My track workout was supposed to be 1200- 10x400 - 1200, but I only did through the first three 400s, because I was not feeling well at all. I am still really loving Yin for the amazing stretch and the fact that it really makes me focus and stay patient.

Thursday: Yin/Yang Class at Pure Yoga. I really enjoyed the contrast of the class and the first half was really challenging. 

Friday: Rest Day / Travel Day!

Saturday:  Run in Central Park!! This was officially the most "touristy" thing that I did during my trip to NYC and it was awesome.  It was also pouring down rain and pretty chilly, so I only did 9 of the planned 13 miles.  There were so many people out running, despite the awful weather, so at least I was motivated enough to stay out for 9 miles (because I really wanted to turn around after 3!).  I also had no idea how hilly the park is!  I took my time and really enjoyed the experience! (8:15/mile average) (Wish I had more pictures from my run, but I had my phone in a plastic bag, so most of the pics I took are really blurry!)

Sunday: Lots of walking around NYC!

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