Monday, September 22, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of September 15

Not an awesome week given that my back was acting up, which thankfully is resolved, and that I was feeling sick on Friday.  I didn't get my long run in either. It was absolutely pouring on Sunday and even though I had lots of friends out doing the Army Half Marathon in the rain, I couldn't motivate myself to get out there in solidarity for my 10 miler.  But, today is a new week!

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Up early for a swim. My lower back was really sore, so I only stayed in the pool for about 3200 meters.  I hopped on the treadmill for a quick mile to test out my new Mizuno Wave Sayonaras to make sure that I was going to keep them.  Then I did a bit of ab work and stretching before I went home.  After work I attempted to do our track practice, but the back was still pretty sore, so I left that early as well.

Wednesday: Yoga on Parliament Hill.

Thursday:  Sunset10k tempo run! I did 10 minute warm-up, 25 minutes at 7:20 average pace, then a 12 minute cool down (had to get all the way to 10k when I was so close!!).  Average pace for the entire run was 7:43.  It felt pretty good, though I will have to see how the new shoes do on the next run.  The Wave Sayonara have less of a drop and less cushioning than the Wave Rider 17 that I was wearing over the summer. It was an absolutely gorgeous night for a run!

Friday:  Rest Day.  I skipped my swim because I was feeling sick when I got up for it.

Saturday: Barre class, before teaching two classes.  In the afternoon, I went stand-up paddle boarding for the first time! It was really fun. We spent about an hour out on the water. It was super windy so the way out was pretty tough paddling. It definitely felt like I got a great workout!

This is what happens when triathletes hang out on Saturday night. Photo shoots with new bikes...

Sunday: Rest Day.

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