Monday, September 8, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of September 1

Last week was my last week of triathlon training for the season.  And it was a taper week! I will obviously write a race report for my first Olympic race, but for now, here is what I did to train for it

Lemon doughnut and a delicious Americano at Alice's

Monday:  We organized a nice long ride for Labor Day. All in, we went 75 km. That is officially my longest ride ever. In fact, the first part of the ride was my longest ride ever. We went 47 km out to Carp, stopped at the amazingly delicious Alice's Cafe for coffee and treats, then went a shorter route back. It was my first time riding in a pack of any sort. We LSO had a pretty strong head wind on the way ou to Carp. I enjoyed the ride overall, but definite lu preferred the tail wind on the way back.

Tuesday:  Last official track practice and a nice 4x800m taper workout for me.  It felt good!

Wednesday:  A quick swim with the girls at Meech Lake. It was getting dark, so we didn't stay out long. You can see a bunch of other athletes from the tri club in the photo out in the water too!

Thursday:  Woke up to teach two barre classes before work. Rest day for my tri training.

Friday:  I got up for a nice 2 mile run. I did some race pace to get ready for Saturday's race. I also had the mobile bike repair man, Mobivelo, come to tune up my bike before work. Jonathan was awesome. My bike rode like a dream and he spent lots of time explaining things to me. Yay!

Saturday: Race Day!! It was a great day in Montreal. The weather was awful, but I'm happy with my race. We had a lot of fun post-race too!

Sunday: Rest day!

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