Monday, September 1, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of August 25

It was supposed to be my final week of heavy training, but as you all know, sometimes life and work get in the way of the best laid training plans!  It feels as though I have made a lot of excuses for my training, but you know what, I am happy and I feel pretty good overall going into the Montreal Esprit. There was a point earlier in early August where I was feeling burnt out and I'm happy to say I got through that. And despite how busy last week was and how little training I got in, I didn't get stressed out at all, which is huge progress from the beginning of my summer. It's a journey, and I'm feeling good about where I am!

Monday:  I had a "long" ride planned, but realized I had a flat tire when I got to my friend's house.  I successfully changed the flat, but then it was too late to ride. So we did a nice 10k sunset run along the canal.

Tuesday: Taught the two morning barre classes, then stayed late at work, so I had to skip track. But I came home after my long day and did PiYo "Strength Intervals." I think my roommate thought I was a crazy lady flailing around the living room doing that workout.

Wednesday: Our last TTP session of the season and the last workout our group would do at the old OTC studio. We did a nice hard hour spin session, then went across the street to have a beer. I have to say, I loved our training group and I'm already excited for next year. Great coaches, amazing athletes, just a fun group overall.

Thursday: Rest day, since I taught 2 barre classes after work.

Friday: Another rest day. I was exhausted so I slept in. I also taught yet another barre class after work!

Saturday: I went to watch my OTC friends and a few other friends compete at the Canadian! So many amazing, inspiring performances! I also lent my bike helmet to a girl I had never met, so she could do her race! Then I rushed off to teach two more barre classes. After going to pick my helmet back up and watching a 10 year old doing the half-iron distance triathlon, I felt like I needed to go ride my own bike! I did a two sets of intervals (3 on, 1 off x 3) and time trial on the way back for a total of 30k. I tested out eating a gel on the bike and it worked very well.

Sunday: I ran to meet a friend at the pool.  In the end it was a 2.5 mile run at 7:18 average pace and a 2400m swim (500 warmup, 200 kick, 2x 250 pull, 4x 200 build, 4x50 sprint, 200 warm down). I was a little hot and sweaty after running in such hot, humid weather with my backpack full of swim stuff.

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  1. love to read your updates and you will rock it this weekend.