Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Looking Forward to Fall / Winter

As my triathlon season winds to an end, I'm thinking about what is next.  For me, that really means that I'm already thinking about next year's tri season and preparing over the winter to have a strong base to crush my goals next season.  While I have been feeling a little bit burnt out lately from training, I am really excited to continue to grow as an athlete and challenge myself.  The date for World Championships was just announced, so I have a little bit more than a year to prepare.  It seems like a long time, but I know it is going to fly by so quickly. But back to this fall.  I plan to use the fall to work on my running, continue to build my base on the bike, and to build my overall strength.

The view from Champlain Lookout last fall in Gatineau Park

Strength - I started doing PiYo a few weeks ago, though somewhat infrequently, and I really like it.  I will continue to try to work a few PiYo workouts in each week along with my barre classes.  My goal is to get back to doing 2 barre classes a week.  Finally, I will try to do some weight lifting twice a week after my swim workouts, since I will have some extra time (30 minutes or so) before I need to head to work.  If you know of any good weight lifting programs for triathletes, let me know!

Swimming - Despite the fact that the swim is my strongest discipline, it is the hardest for me to do on my own and the workout that I am most likely to skip.  To remedy that I signed up for two swims a week.  It will be a little rough at first, since they are 6 am workouts, but I'm excited to see where it goes and of course to continue to meet new people!

Biking - I signed up to do Tour de France with the OTC. We do a 13-week simulation of the Tour and it was a lot of fun last year!  I also plan to continue to ride outside for as long as possible, getting in some longer rides and definitely riding in Gatineau Park, which is absolutely gorgeous when the leaves start to change.

Running - I've been procrastinating, but the plan is to do a half marathon in late October.  It will be my first ever and it is the first time that I can actually say that I'm excited to do a run that long! Beyond training for the half, our group is going to continue track practices for at least another month or two. And I may try out some trail running to mix things up a little!

Nutrition - I couldn't leave this very important part of the equation out of my fall plans.  Despite my heavy training schedule, I gained somewhere around 10 pounds this summer. I'm pretty sure it is not muscle and is instead the result of getting out of my normal routine of cooking for myself and also having a few too many beers on the patio. This wasn't exactly the way that I saw the summer going, so I am determined to get back on track this fall by participating in a health and fitness challenge group (that I'm actually hosting).  My challenge to myself will be to find the right balance for me and my training fuel needs!


  1. That is super exciting that you are thinking about doing a half marathon! I highly recommend it. :) What are your tri goals for next year? Do you think you will eventually sign up for a 70.3 distance? I need to incorporate more strength and resistance training into my workout schedule. Maybe I can get on board this winter. I think it's awesome that your tri group does a simulation of the TdF.

    1. Yea, I'm really excited to try a half marathon! It is crazy what happens when you are surrounded by inspiring athletes all the time... the bug is pretty easy to catch. For next season, I plan to continue to focus on the sprint distance, since I'm going to World Championships in September. Then, the plan is to do a 70.3 (or 2) in 2016 :)