Friday, September 19, 2014

Early Mornings

In triathlon, it sure helps if you are a morning person.  I used to be one, not necessarily by choice, back when I was just a swimmer.  We had doubles six times a week in high school, and to be honest, I have no idea how I survived.  These days, I'm trying to get back on the morning workout train, because I'm signed up for swimming twice a week at 6 am and I'm teaching a barre class at 6 am as well. So... how do you become a morning person?  Here are a few things that I'm trying.

Go to bed earlier

Well, isn't that obvious?!  I've definitely always been more of a night owl, trying to jam pack my evenings after work with workouts, cooking dinner, catching up on the Mindy Project or the Bachelorette, meeting up with friends, etc. So, I'm trying to limit my night time activities and get to bed by 10 pm on nights that I have to wake up at 5 am.  That gives me 7 hours of sleep.

Pack my bags before bed

If my bag is packed with my swim stuff (cap, goggles, suit, paddles, towel, toiletries, brush, and clean clothes) and ready to go, it makes life so much easier in the morning. That way, in my early morning fog, I don't forget anything essential.

Set a fun alarm

I picked a song that is happy and upbeat to use as my alarm.  It is way harder to ignore the song than it is to ignore beeps and buzzes.  I also, however, set a second alarm.  They go off about 3-4 minutes apart, so it is harder to fall back asleep if I hit snooze on one of them!

Reward myself

The nice thing about working out so early is that I have lots of time to relax and get ready for work.  If I make it to my workout, I have decided that I get a reward. Maybe I will stop for coffee on the way home from the pool, or maybe I will make myself a homemade pumpkin spice latte... something to make the morning a little bit more special.
Do you have any tricks or tips for becoming a morning workout person?? Please share!!

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