Monday, August 25, 2014

Training and Life Recap: Week of August 18

Another week of training in the books. This one was a bit of a slacker week, but that is okay, because I was out enjoying the last bits of summer.  Life is about balance right!  I realize that I didn't get a single swim workout in and I also missed out on my long run. This week will be better! Only 2 weeks left til my first Olympic!

Monday: Quick 20 minute bike ride.  With nightmarish traffic and a dinner party to get to with my triathlon girls, I only had enough time to check out my bike and make sure the brakes were the only issue that needed fixing. It felt great to get out in the park and ride though, back to normal, and speeding along!

Tuesday: Track practice!  We did a 400m time trial.  I was quite pleased with my time of 1:08.  Then we did 1600 at 10k pace, 2 minutes rest, 800 at 5k pace, 1 minute rest, and 4x400 at 3k pace with 30 seconds rest between each. While the time trial felt great, the rest of practice felt not so awesome.

Wednesday: Yoga on Parliament Hill during my lunch break with a few hundred other people, then another rainy, rainy workout in the evening! This time we were out on our bikes for about an hour and 10 minutes (roughly 36k) doing intervals and time trial pieces.  I was soaked to the core by the end, and wasn't sad at all to realize that I had left my running shoes at home, so would have to miss the run portion of the workout.

Thursday: I taught 2 barre classes, then came home to do PiYo "Drench."  I was certainly a sweaty mess by the end and so far, I can say that I like the way that I feel after doing a PiYo workout. Nice and stretched out.

Friday: Unintentional rest day.

Saturday:  I taught 3 barre classes, then drove out to the cottage.  My friend Jenn and I did a 20k bike ride. We attempted some intervals, but I think we were a little distracted by the thought of beers and s'mores back at the cottage!

Sunday: Another unintentional rest day. Feeling a bit worse for the wear after a little too much fun at the cottage!

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  1. Look at that yoga class!! What a setting. I wish I could join you for a bike ride in such a beautiful area.