Monday, July 14, 2014

Why I Tri...

How did I get into triathlon?

I started out as a swimmer.  My swimming career took me all the way from age 9 through my second year of university.  I loved swimming and it was my life for a long time.  Through high school, my specialty was distance - the 400 / 500, 800 / 1000, and 1500 / mile.  My coaches at Santa Clara Swim Club were great distance coaches, but I went off to university and burnt myself out to the point where I left practice one day and told my coach I was done with distance.  I made the switch to sprint free and I loved it! The speed, the intensity, and the fact that it really felt like more of a "race" hooked me.  Well, I didn't last too much longer, before I realized that I was just burnt out all together and needed to focus my attention on school and my future outside of the pool.

When I "retired" from swimming, I always said that I would get into triathlon.  A few years passed, and after suggesting to my dad that I might like to get a bike (I was thinking of a beach cruiser... LOL), I ended up with a road bike.  A scary, beautiful road bike.  It served as a piece of artwork in my apartment for 2 years, with the occasional ride wearing my running shoes instead of my bike shoes.

Then three things happened:

1) I started dating a guy who was into triathlon.  Just hearing him talk about training and the races he had done got me thinking, "hey, I could totally do that!" He broke up with me 3 weeks before my first triathlon, and I can honestly say that I am grateful for our relationship, because it helped me find my new love in life - triathlon!

2) In the spring of 2013, I joined the Tone It Up community for the Bikini Series.  The TIU girls are incredibly supportive, encouraging, and motivating.  One of the Tone It Up founders, Karena, is a triathlete.  Reading about her journey and how triathlon helped her overcome challenges in her life was really inspiring and motivated me to make the commitment to sign up for a race and dive into training.

3) In early April 2013, I went to the Vemma convention.  The atmosphere of the convention and the constant stream of motivational speakers really opened my eyes to the fact that I had become complacent in my life, that I had really lost a part of who I was, and I wanted to rediscover that person.  I had always been someone motivated by goals and used to challenging myself, but after graduating from university, I let myself settle into a somewhat comfortable, but lazy, and ultimately unhappy life.  Setting the goal of participating in my first triathlon allowed me to reconnect with my true self, challenged me and started my journey of learning how to be happy!

When I crossed the finish line of my first triathlon, I knew that I had found a new passion and that triathlon made me really happy.  So that is why I didn't just stop at one race and that is why I tri!

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